What is Wildcard Certificate?

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL certificates work in the same way as a regular single domain certificate. They have the added benefit of protecting all sub-domains in your network. This certificate is cost-effective and saves admin time. A wildcard SSL certificate is indicated by the * symbol, which can be used to signify a website’s domain name. Https.in offers a variety of wildcard SSL certificates that can be used to suit any budget or hosting situation.

  • SSL Certificates Wildcard

    Unlimited Subdomains SSL Certificate

    • With a single certificate, you can secure any number of sub-domains at the first level.
    • Issued and enrolled under the domain name *.mydomain.com (where * is a wildcard character that represents any sub-domain of level 1)
    • Displays the padlock sign for all web browsers
    • With up to 256 bits of encryption, you can have great data privacy.
    • Available in OV and DV validation options.

    Wildcard SSL certificates guarantee lower ownership costs in the online space.