Saturday, February 27, 2021

Website Security at No Costs

As for Website Defense, an article about a small and medium company becoming a target of the latest WannaCry ransomware attack was released by leading newspapers in India. The article also indicated that the entrepreneur agreed before reporting it to the authorities to pay the ransom to get back his digital belongings. Small to medium-sized companies frequently operate on minimal...

The Constitutional Validity of Aadhaar and its Vulnerability

Aadhar- A special identification or violation of privacy rights The "Digital India" & "Make in India" project has always been a top priority for the government of Modi. As a part of the Digital India initiative, the central government agreed to have a Unique Identification (UID) mandatory for each Indian citizen (popularly recognised as One Country One Identity). A person's...

SSL Checker

SSL Certificate
The SSL Checker shows whether or not the SSL Certificate is correctly mounted. It diagnoses and shows the error whether it needs to be fixed by naming our domain name and clicking on a button. This is the good tradition of performing a verification search after the phase of implementation. Test SSL certificates with the SSL Checker; validate the installation process...

Javax Net SSL sslhandshakeexception Received Fatal Alert Handshake_failure

SSL Error
Javax Net SSL sslhandshakeexception Received Fatal Alert Handshake_failure The notorious Java exception SSLHandshakeException: got fatal alert: handshake failure is difficult for a mere mortal to recognize. What she needs to say is, most definitely, something like this: Sorry, neither the JVM nor the server supports any of the cryptographic protocols / versions and cypher suites. For eg, a server needs a...

Track Security Breach and Protect your Website with Vulnerability Assessment VeriSign

Review of vulnerability to identity and assign security weaknesses Now with VeriSign Vulnerability Assessment, it becomes easy to track the security threats to your public-facing WebPages that help you identify the critical risks on your website along with reporting the vulnerabilities and other information risk. Vulnerability Assessment that comes now FREE with every purchase of VeriSign Extended Validation or Pro SSL...

Vulnerability Risk in Using Sha1 Certificate

A very common Sha1 hazelnut feature is no longer safe to use SHA-1 or 'Stable Hash Algorithm 1' is a cryptographic hash function that certifying authorities have used to sign SSL certificates. The CA / B Group has announced that the SHA-1 algorithm is being retired in favor of the newer and safer SHA-2 hashing algorithms. What is the chance of...



What is SSL Stripping ?

What is SSL Stripping? SSL stripping is a method of downgrading a website from https to http. In other words, the attack is used to bypass...