SSL Wildcard Certificate Cost


SSL certificates are required for all websites to be secure from security breaches. It helps customers trust and feel satisfied. SSL certificates can improve the website’s ranking in Google search results. It is important that your business website is protected with an SSL certificate. You need to obtain an SSL certificate in India that is specific to your website needs.

There are many SSL certificates that you can choose from.

The most expensive Wildcard SSLs are among them.

Let’s find out why Wildcard SSL Certificates are so expensive:

  1. Only one website can be protected by domain name SSL certificates. Wildcards SSL on the other hand provide protection for both the root and sub-domains.
  2. Wildcard SSL is a time-saver, as it eliminates the need to manage multiple certificates.
  3. It can be a daunting task to secure multiple domains and subdomains. It is impossible to manage an infinite number of SSL certificates per sub-domain. This not only creates confusion but can also be costly. SSL wildcards make this easier by providing one SSL that can be used for both domains and sub-domains. Although it may sound expensive, it is far more affordable than buying individual certificates.
  4. These certificates also provide a higher level of security than other types.
  5. Wildcard certificates are also very easy to use and much more flexible. You can also use a wildcard certificate to access additional services. You can add, update and replace the services without purchasing a new certificate.
  6. You will also save time and reduce administrative costs.
  7. The green https appears in the address bar when a wildcard SSL is used.

Before you buy an SSL certificate in India, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. You need to know exactly what your needs are before you make an investment in Wildcard SSL. This will allow you to decide how many domains and sub-domains your website will contain. Individual SSL certificates are only available if your website is stable and will not grow in the future.
  2. Wildcard SSL is a good investment if you intend to grow your website over time and increase the number of subdomains,

Let’s look at an example to better understand the situation.

There are about 100 sub-domains. You purchase an individual SSL certificate for $9 each. Individual certificates will cost you approximately $900. You will also need to use more resources to configure and manage these certificates, increasing overhead costs. Wildcard SSL, on the other side, will eliminate these hassles and make it easier and more affordable.

Comparing the Wildcard SSL to the DV Certificate:

  • Wildcard SSL is more noticeable when a certificate signing request (CSR) is generated.
  • When generating a CSR, users will need to include a common name in a specific format.
  • The name of a wildcard SSL certificate is “*”.