SSL Payment


An eCommerce website is quite different than a static website. Customers can make online payments, enter credit card information, and do many other things.

An online survey of over 350 internet users revealed that 90% are concerned about the security of their credit cards and identity theft.

Therefore, eCommerce websites need stronger security to guard against any attack.

This article will explain why SSL Certificates are important for eCommerce websites.


eCommerce websites store credit card information, payment gateway details, login forms, and other sensitive data. These details are easy to hack so it is best to have them encrypted or secured. SSL Certificates encrypt data during transit and protect data from being hacked. Here are some reasons eCommerce websites require an SSL certificate.

Credit card information. eCommerce websites require customers to enter credit/debit card passwords when they checkout. These scenarios require that the eCommerce website owner ensures that the transaction is secure and error-free. SSL encryption guarantees a secure transaction between the website and the webserver. Only the webserver and webpage have access to the keys to decrypt the information. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to hack the information.

Third-party payment gateway: Websites accept payments through a third-party payment platform like PayPal. To protect your data, you should ensure that requests are transferred using the “HTTPS protocol”.

Login forms Websites asking for login forms can avoid impersonation by using SSL encryption. An inexpensive EV SSL certificate for login forms could be a good option if you have concerns about your investment budget.

Shopping Ads: Build a business through shopping ads on Google. However, there is a condition: Secure your website’s payment checkout using SSL encryption.


Many factors are critical to the success of an eCommerce business. SSL is one of the most important. Websites that require sensitive information from their users, such as credit/debit card passwords or personal data, will use SSL certificates. An eCommerce website should invest in SSL certificates for two reasons. Your SEO/Google rankings are affected by this:

Information security: Nobody in the world would want to risk their sensitive information. It’s obvious. Anybody would be concerned about the security of personal data when submitting sensitive information via online gateways. An organization can suffer if this information is compromised. The merchant is responsible for providing a safe environment for customers.

Trust Enhancement: An SSL certificate is essential for eCommerce websites. This certificate will ensure that customers trust you. Online security has been a problem for users since the beginning. Online theft of personal or sensitive data is a common occurrence. Users are more concerned about the security of the environment/website where they transact. SSL certification acts as a trust seal that instills confidence in users.

Reduce abandoned carts We don’t proceed if you have been presented with the risk in the first step. Non-SSL websites are also subject to this. Websites that are not secured by SSL will display the “NOT SECURED” symbol next to your website’s name in the URL bar. This is a warning that users may be hesitant to click on the link. It can also raise your abandoned cart. You should also be aware of the dangers associated with not using HTTPS.

A customer will purchase if there is an EV green address bar on the site. Here’s a statistic that shows how EV SSL Certificates are more effective.


Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV) are the best choice for eCommerce websites. This certificate provides high levels of security and safety to an eCommerce website. This certificate also includes a green address bar that contains a business name and is validated by a rigorous verification process. EV SSL Certificate for eCommerce Website builds consumer trust and huge profits.