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7 Wayback Machine Alternative (Internet Archive Website) 2022

The Wayback Machine preserves information that is available on the World Wide Web (World Wide Web). It is frequently used by researchers and historians to preserve digital artifacts, and it is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are several drawbacks to the Wayback Machine, such as the fact that it is extremely slow and unresponsive on many crawlable websites.
Here is a carefully curated selection of the best applications that can take the place of the Wayback Machine. The software on this list is both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) in nature.

Best Websites Like Wayback Machine (Web Archive Sites)

#1) Archive. fo

Archive. fo is a free online service that allows you to make a copy of every webpage you see. Even if the original page is no longer available, this copy will stay online.


This application saves both a text and a graphical copy of the website to provide more accurate results.
In addition to providing a quick link to an unalterable record of any web page, it is one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives available.
Using this application, you may keep track of changes to the website’s job offer, price list, blog article, real estate listing, and other content.
Pages that have been saved are free of viruses and pop-ups.
Here’s the link: https://archive.fo/

#2) Still

Stallion is a web-based application that automatically grabs webpage screenshots, preserves them, and distributes them to others. You can easily manage your website history and save a significant amount of time.


You can choose the frequency with which screenshots are taken based on your preferred duration.
You have the option of adding multiple URLs at the same time.
You have the option of saving the screenshot to Dropbox.
It allows you to share URLs.
It is one of the greatest Web Archive Sites since it allows you to filter URLs by domain, making it one of the most useful.
To keep everything organized, you can create custom titles for each section.
Still, website time machine allows you to snap a screenshot from the website’s geographic location by detecting the IP address of the computer that is hosting the website.
You can block off distracting features such as overlays, banners, and cookie popups.

#3) Perma.cc

Perma. cc is a web archiving application that was developed and is maintained by the Harvard Law School Libraries. It aids you in the creation of permanent recordings of the websites you visit.

Within 24 hours of creating a link, you have the option to delete it.
The Perma. cc link URLs can be added to blog posts or print pieces to allow you to see archived records more quickly and easily.
This alternative to the Wayback Machine allows you to develop Parma, which visits a website and creates a record of the content of that website.
If the preservation process fails, this software will provide you with the opportunity to submit a PDF file or an image instead.
Individuals can have access to permalinks through a variety of subscription options.
Users can be assigned to any company by just providing the user’s email address into this cloud-based program, which is accessible from anywhere.
Permanent URL: https://perma.cc

#4) Pagefreezer

Web-based service PageFreezer archives blogs, webpages, and social media posts. It is available as a SaaS. It assists financial services corporations and businesses in capturing internet interactions and ensuring that risk is properly monitored.


It checks the validity and integrity of your records using an online application.
It is possible to collect dynamic online content in real-time with this Wayback Machine alternative.
PageFreezer can capture internal social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
It can record workplace chat conversations and monitor behavior for signs of potential danger.
SMS and text messages can be saved and retrieved later.
It assists you in the collection and management of web content.
On-demand access to the prior web is available.
https://www.pagefreezer.com is the website address.

#5) Actiance

The Actiance app assists companies in the capturing and archiving of electronic communications and documents. More than 80 channels are supported by this site, which is similar to the Wayback Machine in its functionality.


Take note of any pertinent messages.
You will be able to identify and manage risk, as well as extract the commercial value from your information.
It enables you to create, package, and deliver content on-demand to your customers.
This cloud-based application delivers an analytics dashboard that allows for enhanced data visualization.
In addition to sophisticated and proximity search capabilities across all channels, it is one of the most comprehensive archive websites available.
It provides broad and customizable reporting capabilities.
https://www.smarsh.com is the website address.

#6) UK Web Archive

The Web Archive of the United Kingdom
Every year, the UK Web Archive collects information about a large number of websites, which it then archives for the future. It is one of the top Web Record Sites since it concentrates on a specific subject, event, or region of interest, as well as using social media to archive the information.


You can use this website to look for web archives from the United Kingdom.
It enables you to learn about the website’s numerous themes and topics by browsing through it.
This internet history machine program collects photos, videos, HTML pages, pdf files, and other types of data from the internet.
It is one of the top Internet archive sites since it automates the collection of a wide range of UK websites over a year.
Visit the following website: https://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/

#7) Memento Time Travel

Time Travel with a Memoriam
You can search for and see versions of web pages that existed in the past with the Memento time travel feature. Finding Mementos in web archives is made easy with this service, which is one of the greatest website archive sites available.


To search for web pages, it analyses the entire range of servers.
Depending on the period you specify, the web page components on this internet history archive website are displayed.
It automatically archives the content of a web server.
There are several components covered, including HTML, style sheets, and pictures, among others.
Using the timeline, you can examine how archived DateTime has been distributed through time.
This Internet time machine displays a bar chart displaying the components that have been checked and those that have been left out.