Install an SSL Certificate in just Three Minutes on WHM / cPanel!

Click here to install SSL Certificate easily on cPanel / WHM

Installing an SSL certificate using Cpanel is, contrary to popular belief, a straightforward job. You don’t have to be a webmaster for this to happen. Everything you need to do is follow the set of instructions below and activate your SSL certificate before you even know it! It is easy.

What do you think, then? Let’s get on.

Here’s how to install SSL using WHM / Cpanel

Make sure you have a signing certificate (CSR) request before you get on with the process. If not, create one at the site of your provider of certificates. Needless to say, the administrative rights to install SSL using cPanel are also required.

Do they both have these? You are going well.

Step 1: First, log in to your account at cPanel.

Step 2: Select SSL / TLS Manager and find the Security section.


Step 3: Click on SSL certificates generate, view, upload, or delete.


Step 4: You will now have to upload your Certificate form. Do this through the section Uploading a New Certificate. You should have your CRT file uploaded here.

You can do that two different ways. This can be done by simply browsing the CRT file from the location you’ve stored it. You can also directly paste the contents of the CRT file into the Download a New Certificate tab. Paste it all from — – BEGIN CERTIFICATE — – to — – END CERTIFICATE — in the package.

Step 5: Press the Upload button.

Your SSL certificate will now have been successfully uploaded. Once this is done you should now look for the certificate to be activated. To do so follow these steps:

Step 6: Go to WHM / cPanel, and press Manage SSL Sites for your Domain (HTTPS) under Install and Manage SSL.


Step 7: Now that the certificate file (CRT) has been uploaded, you must upload the Private Key and Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE). You can do that in two ways, as we saw with the CRT file: by choosing the file or by pasting the contents into the respective boxes.


Ideally, the CABUNDLE will be uploaded automatically. However, if it doesn’t, you must paste in the box.


Step 8: Press the Certificate button on Load.

Did everything get done? Good work. It wasn’t as hard as you originally thought, was it?

If you want to be sure you are using SSL, use our SSL checker tool to make sure you have installed it properly.