Youtube Audio Ripper

BEST YouTube Audio Ripper to Extract Audio from YouTube

Applications known as “YouTube audio rippers” give users the ability to remove or copy background music from videos hosted on the website. You can rip the audio from YouTube and use it in your own personal video clips by using the tools that are provided here.

The list of Top YouTube Audio Ripper, complete with links to their websites and descriptions of their most popular features, is shown below. The list includes both open source software (which is free) and commercial software (which requires payment).

The Terms of Service for YouTube state quite clearly that users should not download videos, with the exception of instances in which YouTube provides a download button or link for the specific video in question. You are not authorised to download or create copies of any videos seen on YouTube that are protected by copyright laws. If you are detected engaging in such conduct, you may be subject to a variety of legal complications, such as trials or fines. YouTube considers these kinds of activity to be illegal or against their terms of service. At Guru99, we would never support or promote activity of this nature.
Important: These YouTube audio ripper tools should only be used to extract audio from your own personal YouTube videos or from videos that have been licenced under Creative Commons’ reuse licences.

Here is a list of the best audio rippers for YouTube:

#1) Itubego

Itubego is a piece of software that will assist you in downloading videos from YouTube. It can convert video to MP3, MP4, 4K, and HD MP4 video formats, and it is equipped with an in-built YouTube converter. When you download any video, this video downloader chrome extension will automatically search the internet for online episodes of television shows and movies that have subtitles.


One of the greatest free video downloaders, this one allows you to download videos from more than 10,000 different websites.
It is possible to convert audio and video files into a number of different formats.
It gives you the ability to save a whole playlist.
This YouTube grabber is compatible with a wide variety of video and audio formats.

Provides lossless audio conversion.
It facilitates a quicker download speed for audio tracks.

This tool comes at a high price.
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#2) By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader has quickly become a fan favourite among a large number of users because it provides the easiest method for downloading videos while also providing access to a variety of advanced features. Some of these features include the ability to download playlists, live videos, subtitles, and so on. Once the software detects that you are watching a video in your browser, it will prompt you to download the video with a single click. The download is completely painless and really simple.


All websites, including Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, and others, are supported.
You are granted the ability to download playlists from YouTube.
This application provides a selection of video qualities, including 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K, among others.
It can automatically recognise videos from YouTube.
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#3) 4K Video Downloader

You may easily save audio with the help of 4K Video Downloader, which is considered to be one of the best audio rippers for YouTube. It makes it possible for you to save the audio from YouTube to your personal computer by by copying and pasting the URL. Using this software, you may extract audio from YouTube videos in a variety of formats, including MP3, M4A, and OGG.


It offers support for both three-dimensional and 360-degree video.
Provides faster speeds for both downloading and converting.
The sophisticated download option for subtitles is available with this YouTube audio ripper.
Accessible on a variety of platforms including Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.
You are provided with an easy way to select the video quality.
Regular updates to ensure the best possible performance.
You can rip music from YouTube without having to worry about being interrupted by adverts from third-party websites.

You may easily extract audio from YouTube without going through any trouble.
Provides a large number of functions for adjusting the settings
Offers support for both audio and video on YouTube Pros:

Lacks support for a mobile application of any kind.
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#4) VidJuice

VidJuice is an application that gives you the ability to download videos, playlists, channels, and subtitles from over 1000 different websites, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. It comes with an in-built video trimmer that makes it easy for you to cut the films to the desired length. The highest possible bitrate that this programme supports for audio is 320 kbps.


It is possible to transcode videos using an 8K resolution.
Provides speeds up to ten times faster.
enables the downloading of many videos at once.
Download the full channel or just the playlist with only one click.
Convert videos from YouTube to either the MP4 or MP3 format, and also extract the audio.
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#5) YTD Video Downloader

The software known as YTD Video Downloader can convert videos to MP3 format. You are able to convert entire playlists and channels with this tool. You are able to download videos from any website that streams them, including YouTube, Vimeo, and many others.


It is a simple and quick process.
Utilizing this programme, you will be able to pull audio of the highest possible quality from videos.
It gives you the ability to save an endless number of videos.
Videos can be downloaded in a wide variety of formats, including MP3, AVI, and WMV.
It is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

You won’t have any trouble downloading the complete playlist.
It gives you the ability to rip audio in a high-quality format.
You may get it in many different languages, including English, Greek, German, and French, amongst others.

There is no user handbook or help file included with the product.
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#6) Viddly

Downloading videos from online services is made possible via the application known as Viddly. It is helpful in converting your video clips into other formats, such as MP4 or MP3. This app comes equipped with a built-in search function. It only takes one click of your mouse to save a playlist from YouTube when you use this. You are able to obtain subtitles for YouTube in any language you desire.

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#7) SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader is one of the most reliable audio rippers available, and it can help you convert videos from YouTube to MP3 format. It gives you the ability to download YouTube playlists, channels, and virtual reality content. Using this programme, you will be able to download content simultaneously from a number of different websites.


More than 900 websites can be accessed with this extension, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Up to 8K video resolution supported.
This YouTube audio ripper enables users to download and convert a limitless amount of content.
It is equipped with an in-app proxy that can circumvent geo-restrictions.

It provides a user interface that is straightforward.
Excellent help for customers.
Offers regular updates.

Not available for mobile devices.
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#8) WinX YouTube Downloader

You may convert videos in bulk with WinX YouTube Downloader, which is also an online audio ripper that lets you download videos from YouTube. After installation, this tool will not display any advertisements of any kind. Video files can be saved with WinxDVD in a variety of formats, including MP3, MP4, WebM (audiovisual media), and FLV (Flash Video).


You can download videos in resolutions as high as 8K with its help.
It also helps you download videos that you have marked for “Watch Later.”
The software gives you the option to select a different video resolution.
This is one of the greatest audio extractors for YouTube, and it also allows you to save videos in HD quality.
Provides you with the ability to rip audio from YouTube videos in bulk.
Windows and Mac are the platforms that are supported.

You will receive an audio and video player that is integrated in.
This feature enables you to cut out unneeded sections.
Enables you to cut durations.

Does not provide an option to alter the user interface.
The audio-video scrolling feature is not available.