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Best FREE Word Processor | Word Processing Software in 2022

A word processor is a computer programme that allows you to input text, modify it, format it, and then print it all out in one go. It also provides several additional functions, such as the ability to create, edit, save, and print documents, among others.

The following is a chosen selection of the Best Word Processors, along with descriptions of their most popular features and links to their respective websites. A mix of open source (free) and commercial (paid) software is included in this list

Free Word Processor for Windows, Mac & Linux: Top Picks

Name Platform Link
Microsoft Word Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Learn More
Google Doc Web, iOS, and Android, and Mac Learn More
Writer Web, iOS, and Android Learn More
Grammarly Web and browser extension Learn More
Prowritingaid Windows, Mac, and Web Learn More
MarketMuse Web Learn More

#1) Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a writing application that facilitates the conversion of documents into web pages. It provides real-time translation services with a single push of a button. This tool allows you to view and edit documents that have been attached to an email.


It offers resume and form templates, among other things.
On your mobile device, you may read papers, PDFs, letters, and scripts, among other things.
It gives you the ability to save a document as a PDF document.
With just a few touches, you may send your file to others.
Editing is made easier with rich formatting.
Document permissions should be managed.
You have the ability to make comments on the documents.
Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows are all supported platforms.

#2) Google Doc

Google Docs is an internet tool that allows you to format text and paragraphs in a number of different ways. It includes a large number of fonts and graphics. This word processing software programme provides templates for composing papers in Microsoft Word. You can use the application to create and make changes to files from any location at any time using your mobile device.


This service is available through a phone, tablet, or computer.
You have the ability to make changes to the document in real time.
It allows for discussion and commenting within the file.
It is possible to convert a Google Doc file to a Word file or vice versa.
In the Google Doc Android application, you may search for quotes, text, and photos.
Platforms that are supported include the web, iOS, Android, and Mac.
Google Docs URL: http://docs.google.com/

#3) Writer

Writer is a free word processor that allows you to create documents without having to pay for them. This tool provides advice for readability, contextual grammar, and writing style. Blogger pages and WordPress can both be integrated with this plugin.


Real-time collaboration with your team is made possible by this feature.
It makes it simple to review and obtain permission for documents.
You have the option of saving the document as PDF or MS Word.
This tool aids you in the management of your work flow.
Allows you to combine many documents into a single document.

#4) Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing programme that is commonly used to improve writing skills. It provides a variety of writing styles, as well as grammar, vocabulary, and syntax advice. It is possible to access and utilise this tool through the website, as a browser extension, or as an application that is downloaded into your computer.


It aids with the enhancement of your writing skills by emphasising grammatical errors and opportunities for improvement in your work.
It is quite versatile and can be used with any sort of website.
Identify and correct contextual errors.
Suggestion talents that are exclusive to a genre.
It provides a good knowledge base for those interested in mastering grammar.
It assists writers in improving their writing style.
Text repairs can be made across a variety of websites and platforms.
Platforms that are supported include the web and browser extensions.

#5) Prowritingaid

is a writing service that provides assistance with writing assignments.
Prowritingaid is a software programme that provides world-class grammar and style checking capabilities. It allows you to edit papers more quickly. This app provides over 1000 different styles to help you enhance your writing.


It provides you with the ability to correct the problem with your writing style.
Prowritingaid identifies and corrects spelling and grammar errors.
It offers word-exploration tools to help you locate the right word quickly.
This tool provides a consistent report, which helps to reduce errors.
Platforms that are supported include Mac, Web, and Windows.

#6) MarketMuse

is a neologism that refers to a person who works in a market.
MarketMuse is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that allows you to create content strategies and analyse a large number of articles on demand. It might aid you in your keyword research for your content creation.


It has a real-time text editor built in.
This programme can assist you in locating frequently asked questions.
MarketMuse enables you to quickly create a first draught as well as a content brief.
By inputting a URL or a title, you may optimise the content.
Web is the platform that is supported.

#7) Calmlywriter

Calmlywriter is a piece of writing software that is completely free. The program’s design is kept to a bare minimum. This online tool is intended to assist you in concentrating on your writing abilities. It includes a “focus mode” feature that allows you to highlight the paragraph you are now writing.


Full-screen mode is supported, and you can take advantage of it.
It is quite simple to use.
You have the option of turning on or off the typewriter sound.
It is possible to format headers, bold, italics, and bullets using the syntax support.
The ability to use keyboard shortcuts is provided by this feature.
Through the use of a web browser, you can check your spelling.
It includes a word count feature.
You can save your work as a PDF file.
Platforms that are supported include the web and browser extensions.
Visit this website: https://www.calmlywriter.com/online/

#8) Ginger software

Ginger is one of the most ancient writing improvement tools still in use today. In addition to being one of the greatest free word processors available, it will also assist you in correcting text as you type by identifying numerous typical grammatical problems such as punctuation, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, writing style, and language, among other things. Aside from the standard grammar checkers, the checker has a number of unique minor features such as a text reader, translator, trainer, and so on.


Ginger software is a highly effective Grammarly checker tool for detecting misspelt words, and it is available for free download.
It assists you in correcting several errors at the same time and allows you to undo all modifications with a single click.
This programme allows you to switch between the English languages spoken in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Ginger’s punctuation checker assists you in identifying and correcting punctuation errors in your work.
You can add your own words to the personal dictionary so that they will be treated as mistakes in the future.
Identify and repair any document errors that you find.
Check your spelling and punctuation.
Contribute to the improvement of users’ English writing abilities.
Platforms that are supported include Windows, iOS, Mac, and a browser extension.
Visit this website: https://www.gingersoftware.com/

#9) JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel

JotterPad is an Android application that has been specifically built for authors and is available for free. It includes a plain text editor that can be used to produce books, poems, novels, essays, and other types of writing. You can concentrate on transforming your thoughts into a plain text file with the help of the application.


You can search for phrases in a short period of time.
It is compatible with Markdown (Text to HTML conversion tool).
It enables you to keep track of how many words you’ve said.
This tool assists you in maintaining control over the document’s version.
Text can be written or edited in the cloud.
Create a PDF version of your work to print or publish.
It features a built-in dictionary that may be used to look up terms.
Android is the operating system that is supported.
Here’s the link to the app store page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jotterpad.x&hl=en IN

#10) Evernote Web

is a great tool. Web Evernote is a note-taking application that is accessible via the internet. This free word processing software allows you to collect and prioritise your ideas, to-do lists, and projects across multiple computing devices using a single interface.


You have the option of moving or removing the section of the page.
It gives you the option of changing the design of the paper.
Remove any undesirable strokes or blemishes from the canvas.
Allows you to change the colour of the text to stand out more.
You have the ability to copy, cut, and paste specified shapes and strokes.
Platforms supported include Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.