Wildcard SSL Certificate Prerequisite for E-Commerce Websites

It takes much more than just building an appealing website and listing products to build an e-commerce company. The greatest obstacle for the e-commerce industry is the ever-evolving need for online protection and effective ways to combat security threats. Websites for e-commerce require a lot of sensitive sharing of information. This makes it more vulnerable to cyber threats, such as transaction and banking data, credit-debit card numbers and PIN numbers.

The much-desired protection is provided by SSL certificates that allow the green https bar. But what about the security threats that might target the website at any point and on any page? Are you going to cover each and every single page with an individual SSL? Since this is what appears to be the ultimate solution, the conclusion would definitely be yes. But what about these licences being handled and budgeted? Not only is it pricey to purchase and spend in individual SSL licences, but it is still very difficult to handle and retain. E-commerce businesses spend about millions of dollars each year on website defence. And for certain problems, Wildcard SSL certificates come as a rescue.

Why Wildcard SSL?

A wildcard SSL enables you to purchase and configure a single certificate as needed. It is highly efficient, easily manageable and affordable. It helps you to encrypt separate domains and sub-domains on every page of the website, thereby ensuring the protection of your customers. With only one single wildcard SSL, you can cover the login tab, the shopping tab, payment page and every other domain and sub-domain.

A Wildcard SSL operates much like a conventional licence, but with a larger coverage area at a much lower cost. Although online shopping creates confidence and maintains the loyalty of consumers, it avoids the website. Unlike standard SSL certificates that operate only on a single domain or website, domains, sub-domains and all pages are essentially protected by a single wildcard SSL.


It’s a smart decision to mount and guard your e-commerce website with a wildcard SSL. Not only can it expand your company and secure your clients, but it will also have total money savings and simplify the process of security management.