Wildcard and EV SSL Certificates – Providing Multiple Layers of Online Protection

A major concern for online computer shoppers in today’s e-commerce world is identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC believes that in the United States of America alone, each year over 9-million people has their identities stolen via some sort of online violation. And most of these invasions of privacy come directly from computer online shoppers who choose to enter their personal information on a website not protected by some sort of SSL Certificate.

This is becoming a disturbing trend that has many individuals actively searching for safer and more customer-friendly online portals to conduct online transactions. And one way they can accomplish this is by using an online business that is powered by SSL Certificate software provided by a reliable company such as Comodo.

But if you’re an online business owner, and are seeing a drop in customer confidence in your website, what options are available to you in order to protect the integrity of your website and provide your customers a safe and trustworthy shopping experience?

Wildcard and EV SSL Certificate Technology

Besides installing a standard SSL Certificate, which can be highly reliable for many online businesses and their shoppers; an advanced measure to provide that extra layer of protection is the use of EV SSL Certificates and wildcard SSL.

Wildcard SSL certificate is a perfect solution for any online business that has multiple sub-domains they need to protect. Unlike most standard SSL Certificates on the market today, the Wildcard SSL has the unique ability to protect multiple pages that your customers visit – ensuring that no matter what sub-domain they click, the reliable Wildcard seal will be visible for your customers. They can review the website integrity and verify the authentication of your website by simply hovering their mouse cursor over the seal.

Each Wildcard SSL Certificate has multiple ranges of strength from 34 to 128 bits of online protection. Due to this fact, an online company has the ability to choose a Wildcard SSL certificate that meets their specific needs and desires.

The Extended Validation or (EV) SSL Certificates offered are another secondary online protection solution that literally shows your website as ‘green to go’. Most online shoppers will instantly recognize a website as being fully protected when they notice a green https notation in the menu bar on the website browser.

Originally the EV SSL certificate was designed to combat multiple phishing schemes and give online shoppers a visual security blanket knowing that the website page they are viewing is safe and secure to allow them to enter private information such as birthdates, credit card numbers and even Social Security numbers online.

The strength of today’s EV SSL certificates is available to online businesses in 128 and 256-bit encryption which makes this extra SSL Certificate protection nearly impossible for hackers to access and keeps the shopping experience safe and secure for your valuable customers.

The bottom line fact is that online threats will never disappear. The only way to protect your customers and your website from unwanted attacks are to install a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate and additional security features like the Wildcard SSL and EV SSL certificates.