Why Use Mobile Digital Certificate? Here are the Highlights

Digital certificates can do far more than SSL alone

We live in a world which is mobile. Although most people once accessed the internet from a desktop computer, today there is a litany of devices online and people turn to tablets and mobile phones that fit comfortably in hands and bags compared to their more conventional counterparts.

However, there are still a lot of risks inherent in the model. In fact more risks. As a business, you have to weigh the convenience factor that allows your employees to access corporate networks from their mobile devices against the safety risks that result from it.

But let’s strip the labels for a second from this, it’s still only securing end points at its heart. To order to access confidential data, you need to find a way to authenticate these tools. And, digital certificates are the easiest way to do it.

Digital Certificates Secure So Much

There are a ton of different endpoints that you can secure with digital certificates, with SSL / TLS being the most common use for the average internet users. And that is a great use, but it can also be used for digital certificates, which are a component of Public Key Infrastructure:

Securing Email Servers with Digital Certificates

How do you decide which devices your email servers will access? Passwords are outmoded and dangerous but it is definitely a good idea to use digital certificates for authentication. It’s not only user friendly and comfortable, it’s much better too.

Encrypting Documents and E-mails

Now let’s think about the email itself, or about other similar documents, how do you know who sent them and if they’re in touch? Simple, with digital attestations. Simply use the associated private key to sign your email or file and their recipient will know who it came from and whether it has been manipulated.

Wi-Fi Networks

While Wi-Fi passwords are notoriously unsafe, you still have to limit who can use your network. Digital Certificates can handle authentication much better than passwords, and can be revoked at a moment’s notice to deny access.

VPN Access

Much like Wi-Fi networks, using digital certificates, you can authenticate and allow access to a VPN.