Why SSL Certificates Have Validity Period?

Security is a vital aspect of every online transaction and experts in the industry have been taking strong measures to ensure that no malicious codes, phishing, or scam attacks exploit users or bugs in applications. One of the most widely known and used methods is through SSL Certificate which is recognized around the globe. There are various types of such certs and those that are securely issued by recognized Certificate Authorities have maximum reputation than the ones created by individuals. All major browsers such as Firefox, Comodo Ice Dragon, Chrome, Safari, and Opera integrate the public key list provided by these CA so as to make the web a safer place to be!

Validity Period Of SSL Certificates

For the maximum level of secure access, all the SSL certificates provided come with a minimum validity period of 1 year. You can buy them for this period but there is always the option to buy them for two, three, five years or even more based on your requirement. Most common users have the question that when it is all about encryption and private keys, how did the concept of validity come up. There is always a reason behind such security measures because it is not simply the idea of SSL certificates encryption at 256-bit solutions and allowing all your files to go in a safe manner.

Every day, the web is changing and the certificate authority is responsible to ensure smooth and safe work flow. The SSL certificates when renewed provide you updates, a new set of PKIs but you can save the trouble by opting for huge renewal periods. Recently, news from Microsoft revealed that an expired certificate leads to the crash of their systems. To make sure, CA may also notify you prior to the expiry date so that you can apply for renewal immediately and stay secured.


Most users sign up for a one-year account SSL certificates because they may shift or sometimes change their vendors. The certificate authorities who have a brand reputation are instantly recognized by major browsers and the private key will be kept confidential at every instance. You can compare SSL to know which offers the best pricing and best encryption solutions to you.