Why Should You Renew SSL Certificate?

Renewal of SSL Certificates is a matter of when, and not if

Everything in existence comes with an expiry date and SSL certificates are no different. For all else you use / consume – except Twinkies and Styrofoam – SSL certificates do have an expiry date. The only difference is being required to renew an SSL Certificate.

Whether you are one of our current clients, you need not think about having the expiration date in mind. Our system will automatically alert you well before the expiration of your SSL certificate, so you can avoid the last minute trouble. How many days, then, before? 90 Days to be correct. And at regular intervals we will keep reminding you, so you don’t miss the deadline. Just not so much in the calling you kind of way every night / telemarketer — more like a mother asking you gently.

If you are not one of our current customers and would like to benefit from our renewal benefits, this is not a concern. So long so you have the same domain name(s) and want to renew the same certificate, no matter where you initially bought your SSL certificate from, you can renew it on our website. This is because, in essence, renewing an SSL certificate is the same as buying a new one. Beginning with the generation of the request for certificate signing (CSR) through validation and issuance — it’s all the same operation. And why are you expected to renew your certificate instead of only buying another? Okay, the renewal has certain advantages to it. Which is it? Let’s work it out.

Risks of expiring SSL certificate

Ask yourself a question — What would you think if you were alerted by a browser about an expired SSL certificate for a site? Seek imagining the sentiment. Did he? Okay, because if your SSL expires your clients / guests would feel the same way. They’ll be cynical right away and most won’t click through to your website. But if they do, there is very little hope that they can convert. This is due to the absence of ‘HTTPS’ and confidence signs in URL, padlock, and site-seals such as the company name.

You know where that goes, don’t you? Declining sales, declining prestige, question marks on the integrity of the business and what not. But we don’t need to go into any more detail as you’ve been wise enough to start buying an SSL.