Why are Wildcard SSL so Expensive?

Both websites must be secured with SSL certificates, since they avoid breaches of confidentiality. It also helps create trust and loyalty with consumers. SSL certs in Google Search results help improvise domain rankings. If you own a company website then it is important to have the required SSL certificate secured. In India you need to receive an SSL certificate according to your website specifications.

A variety of SSL Certificates are available, such as

  • Wildcard SSL
  • DV SSL
  • EV SSL
  • OV SSL and more.

Among all these are pretty pricey Wildcard SSLs.

Let us see why SSL Certificates are costly for Wildcard:

  1. The SSL Certs domain name will only cover one website. In the other hand, wildcards SSL offer security to both the root domain and the sub-domains.
  2. Wildcard SSL saves a significant amount of time wasted handling several certificates.
  3. When you own several domains and subdomains, maintaining protection for all of them is a herculean task. You can’t accommodate an infinite number of SSL certificates for a single sub-domain. Not only does it build emotional chaos but it also becomes costly. SSL wildcards promote this method by offering a single SSL that will function both with domains and subdomains. At first it might seem pricey but it’s way too inexpensive compared to buying individual certificates.
  4. Compared to other standard certificates they also provide a high degree of reliability.
  5. It’s also easy to use a wildcard certificate, and even more versatile. For certain different programmes a wildcard certificate may be issued. Without purchasing a new licence the programmes can be installed, upgraded and removed.
  6. It also reduces operating expenses while saving time.
  7. A wildcard SSL activates in the address bar the green https keys.

Stuff to remember when purchasing SSL Certificate in India:

  • Before investing in any Wildcard SSL you need to better grasp what your criteria are. You will determine how many sub-domains the platform can have and how many domains.
  • You should go for individual SSL certification if it is going to be steady and not rise in the coming years.
  • If you plan to extend your website over time and the number of sub-domains will continue to grow so investing in wildcard SSL will be a great option.

Let’s take an example to grasp this in better light

You have around 100 sub-domains, and you spend $9 each in a single SSL licence. For purchasing individual certificates you’ll have a net expense of around $900. Besides that, you’ll need additional energy to handle and instal these, adding operating costs. Although Wildcard SSL on the other hand would avoid this kind of headache and make it much easier and cheaper.

Running a Wildcard SSL in accordance with DV certificate:

  • When a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is created a wildcard SSL gets more attention.
  • When creating a CSR submission, users need to add a common name in a specified format.
  • A wildcard SSL Name format is: “*.domain.com”