What SSL Certificate?


What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates (also known as Secure Socket Level Certificate) are used to protect connections between the browsers and the server. This SSL allows you to make secure online transactions. This SSL protects your confidential information from hackers/intruder attacks.

There are many types of SSL certificates available depending on the user’s use.

Most people don’t know how an SSL certificate works. It is important to understand how an SSL certificate works. The SSL certificate’s main functions are encryption and authentication.



1) A web browser checks if a website has an SSL Certificate. If there is an SSL Certificate, the SSL handshake begins.

2) The SSL handshake involves the website browser verifying the validity of the SSL Certificate.

3) SSL certificates come with both public and private key. These keys are used to decryption and encryption separately. The SSL handshake keys are used to establish a secure connection between the browser’s server and the browser.

4) After the client has confirmed the validity of the SSL Certificate, the “session key” is created by the client.

5)After the SSL handshake, a secure connection is established. The secure connection between the web browser (Client), and the server is now established.

What are Certificate SSL and TLS?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols encrypt and protect transmitted data. Only the version number is changed to reflect any new or more secure version. All updated versions were renamed to TLS after SSLv3.0 was released. We currently have TLS1.3.

The term “SSL” is more commonly used than the “TLS” term. You are purchasing an SSL Certificate and a TLS Certificate (RSA, ECC).


This article explains how SSL Certificates work. Learn more about the top five risks associated with not having an SSL Certificate installed on your website.

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