What Is A Wildcard SSL Certificate?

What Is A Wildcard SSL Certificate? – Before We Get Into The Topic ,Lets Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Wildcard SSL certificates work in a manner similar to a regular single domain certificate. They do have the benefit, however, of protecting all and any sub-domains you may have on your network. This credential saves money, and takes time to implement. * Used when adding a certificate before a website name, it signifies a wild card SSL Certificate. Háps.in provides a range of wild card ssl certificates to fit any hosting and budget situation.

Unlimited SSL Certificate Sub-Domains

  • Safe sub-domains of any amount of first level with a single certificate.
  • Published and registered as * .mydomain.com (where the * is a wildcard character describing any subdomain of level 1)
  • In all web browsers, the padlock symbol is shown.
  • Great data protection, with encryption up to 256-bit.
  • Validation options available in DV and OV.

Wildcard SSL certificates provide for lower ownership costs across the online space.

SSL Preference Guide

  • We’ll help you identify the correct type of SSL certificate.
  • Meet your requirements on budget.
  • Ensure that you get a great ROI through SSL implementation.
  • Have you chatted in the range, if necessary.

If you’re ever confused when selecting the correct SSL certificate, we ‘re always on hand to help.

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