What is a Digicert?

A Beginner’s Guide to DigiCert Smart Seal: What It Is & Why Do You Need It For Your Website.

Do you have a Site Seal for any of your websites?

Here are some photos of well-known seals from sites.

Site Seal is a symbol of the trust that most customers will recognize if they are brand new. They are also known as Trust Marks and add credibility to any website that uses them.

To ensure that website visitors believe the site is authentic and genuine, trust marks were used.

What happens if you already have a Site Seal?

This Site Seal is also known as the “Static Site Seal”, which is associated with SSL certificates. These site seals can be clicked on static images that are less eye-catching to your visitors.

Technology innovation is increasing rapidly as the years’ pass. Smart Seal will replace Static Seal in the future.

You heard it! DigiCert, the most trusted CA, introduced Smart Seal.

Let’s discuss why DigiCert Smart Seal matters so much.

What is the DigiCert Smart Seal and how does it work?

DigiCert’s trust factors are constantly changing, so DigiCert has launched the DigiCert Smart seal. It is the smartest. DigiCert Smart Seal, which displays the brand’s logo and provides details when the user hovers over it, is the first of its type.

The smart seal is also a trust magnet, drawing attention to itself through its attention-grabbing animation. If you’ve taken additional security measures, why not share it with the world?

A visitor can also click the smart seal to see a splash page. This allows them to gain insight into security practices and other consumer-friendly information. What’s more? You can also find information on CT monitoring, PCI scans, malware scans, blocked lists, and other pertinent info all in one place.

This is just a brief overview of the DigiCert Smart Seal. There’s more!

Why is The DigiCert Smart Seal important?

Your eCommerce site’s trust seal could make the difference between conversion or cancellation. According to a 2020 DigiCert survey, 71% of customers search for site seals before clicking the “Pay Now” button.

Sometimes, customers abandon websites due to a lack of seals. Crazyegg also found that websites saw a 48% increase in conversions and ROI after they displayed the trusted seal. A trust seal is a great way to make small businesses and start-ups more profitable. Site seals are not required by MNCs such as Amazon or eBay. These e-commerce giants are already trusted by the public. SBMs have seen a 20% increase in conversions just by using a Smart seal. Customers and companies can trust and identify with the premium smart seal.

Encourage trust between your customers

Every customer interaction strengthens a company’s trust. Your brand should communicate to customers that it cares about online security. You can foster trust with your customers by using the DigiCert Smart Seal. As a website that protects its data proactively, you can build trust among your clients.

If you demonstrate your commitment to security, trust will be the cornerstone of your business. Customers trust your brand. Trust DigiCert, the world’s largest provider of TLS/SSL and IoT solutions. DigiCert is trusted by 89% of Fortune 500 companies and 97 global banks.


First, let’s understand why the smart seal is better than the static site seal. Most of the old site seals were static images. You could easily copy them and make them unusable. It is difficult to replicate an animated seal. It draws users’ attention to itself, allowing them to click it. Once they click it, they will be able to see the security measures of your company.

Establish Credibility

DigiCert’s site seal contains all the necessary information to guarantee a trustful transaction. A website visitor can view all verified information about your site by clicking the Smart seal. The splash page contains all active web security features. The splash page presents all the active web security features in a user-friendly format, which allows for maximum transparency and trust. Take a look below at what transparency looks like.

DigiCert Smart Seal: Feature Guide

1 Verified Logo

Visitors can now view the verified logo of the company as they hover over the DigiCert Smart seal. DigiCert was the first company to offer this important trust feature. Clicking on the seal will open a splash page that contains detailed customer-friendly information. This can be used to verify the legitimacy of the website.

2 Encrypted Website

On the splash page, the verified website address is displayed.

3) Name of the Organization

DigiCert Smart Seal shows the parent company that manages the encrypted website.

4) Location Verified

DigiCert may also display the country of origin for the organization that manages the website.

5) TLS/SSL Certificate

DigiCert makes sure to include the expiry date for the SSL/TLS certificate on its splash page to keep its promise of transparency and trust.

6) Certificate Type

The splash page lists the type of certificate that was issued by the organization.

7) Registration

This is the status of your confirmed registration.

8 Address

DigiCert verifies the physical location of parent companies as a security measure.

9 – Phone Number

Verified contact information for the parent company.

10) Email Address

DigiCert verifies that the official email address is correct.

11 Domain Ownership

DigiCert verifies that the domain owner of the certificate-registering website is verified.

12) Level of Warranty

Customers can view the warranty amount on the certificate issued.

13) Verified Customer

With the most trusted name within the TLS/SSL certificate industry, let your customers know how old your bond is.

14] Malware Scan

Your domain has been scanned against over 70 antivirus scanners and blocked services. This will instill confidence in your customers.

15) CT Log Monitoring

Secure Site Pro certificates, which are premium DigiCert products, give customers access to a CT log monitor service. Customers who purchase the DigiCert Smart Seal can view the time stamp on the date that the CT log monitoring started on their website.

16 Blocklist

Blacklisted websites are not good signs. Websites with a poor reputation should be avoided. Inform your customers that you are not on any country-specific or government-related blocklists.


DigiCert Smart Seal vs Static Site Seal

EVs AssociatedAll DigiCert ProductsSecure site & Secure Pro

Features Static Site Seal DigiCert Smart Seal
Splash Page
Brand-verified logo
EVs as Associated All DigiCert Products Secure Site and Secure Site Pro


How do I get my DigiCert Smart Seal

The DigiCert Smart Seal can be used with Secure Site Pro SSL certificates. These SSL certificates can be purchased from our website. You can also contact our sales team to get more information. You can rely on our support team to assist you with the technical aspects of seal installation and certificate issuance. For installation questions, please refer to the technical FAQ.

Modernizing with the most current technology is essential in today’s fast-paced world. Upgrade your static seals today to the dynamic smart seal! We are happy to assist you in converting charts. Don’t miss the chance to stay one step ahead in your industry.