Ways to Tighten Web Security


Following the recent spate of high-profile data breaches and NSA debacles, it is no wonder businesses and the public have become paranoid about cybersecurity. Here are some ways to tighten cybersecurity.

Ways to Bolster Cyber Security  

  • An end-user is the weakest link in a security chain. There are people who believe they know better or company protocols do not apply to them.
  • The security policies should be enforced on all levels of a company hierarchy.

Be aware of What is Being Downloaded

  • Never allow employees to install their own software.
  • Limit admin rights on desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • The effort a company spends to manage its owned and connected devices are relatively smaller than a data breach recovery or the effect of system infection.

Lock Web Browsers on Take-Home Systems

  • Most companies have Web filters on their corporate networks to restrict the use of a computer when a laptop or tablet is taken home and connected to a private network.
  • However, many companies are yet to implement client-side Web filtering to prevent possible cyber attacks. Though the practice is not popular among employees, companies have to do so to safeguard their equipment.

Company Equipment Should be Controlled

  • A company must be able to control the Internet browsing capabilities of its users in and out the premises when using the firm’s property
  • Though not welcomed by employees, Web filters are mandatory since many compromised websites seem legitimate enough.
  • The best way to protect a network is to be strict about Internet browsing.

A Clear Escalation Plan is Required

  • Consider this. A major retailer warns of issues with the point-of-sale (POS) system but the notifications clash with peak shopping period. The employees, though concerned, could neither take the systems offline and investigate nor locate an authority to resolve the issue. This would result in a huge disaster.
  • The issue could have been resolved if someone has suspected it in the first place.
  • Ensure your employees know the authority who can resolve such issues or give them the authority to do so.

Dual Authentication

  • Add dual authentication to any alerts or updates to make it a critical system.


When you set up a security plan for your business, make sure to cover the minute details that could easily be forgotten or shelved.