Verisign SSL Certificate Cost


Without the usage of Secure Socket Layer (SSL), any website that trades personal information with site visitors, such as an e-commerce site, is at risk of being hacked (SSL). SSL allows you to establish a secure, encrypted connection between your web server and the user’s browser on the client computer.

SSL also necessitates the use of an SSL certificate, which is granted by Certification Authorities once they have verified the identities of the site’s administrators.

When you consider the environment in which we operate, a network populated by hackers and riddled with malware and exploitations, the costs of SSL certificates are well worth the investment. However, if you visit a lot of websites that require SSL, the fee will be significant. As soon as the Certification Authorities begin to charge you on a yearly basis, the expenses will only mount over time.

What methods can you use to save money on an SSL certificate?

Take into consideration the level of verification required by the site.

When acquiring an SSL certificate, you have the option of choosing between basic certificates (also known as “Domain certificates”) and advanced verification (EV) certificates (also known as “Extended Validation” certificates).

Both categories are certified by a third-party certifying authority and are therefore valid. As a result, the information needed to check with the third-party certification authority and verify that the message was sent by the site owner is received by the browser of a site visitor.

Domain certificate certifications, on the other hand, just check to see if the site is owned by the person who sent the certificate. In addition, they do not take into account other variables such as the integrity and dependability of the site’s owner. In order to verify that the site visitor is not dealing with a potentially harmful situation, Certification Authorities go through an extremely thorough verification process.

Now that you’ve established your credibility and competence, you may wish to save money by opting for the more affordable basic certificates. But there are hacking techniques that can be used to compromise domain name servers in order to obtain fake certificates that are certified by the domain and redirect people to another website.

Also keep in mind that the purpose of these certificates is to protect the site’s visitors. Consider the importance of EV certificates in terms of establishing confidence and gaining the trust of customers.

If your website is critical to your company’s operations and is available over the public Internet, you should consider investing in it. You should look into SSL certificates that provide the highest level of verification possible.

Shopping versus Comparative Analysis

One of the advantages of shopping on the Internet is that it is quite simple to compare prices with those found in stores. As a result of this, you will see that the cost of SSL certificates varies greatly. VeriSign, the world’s oldest and largest Certification Authority, is prohibitively expensive to use.

Many other certifying authorities offer certificates that are equivalent in quality but at a lesser price. SSL Certificates from Verisign start at well over $ 200, but comparable certificates are available for less than $ 50 from other providers.

Take into consideration long-term discount plans.

Certification authorities can save money on their annual costs if they sign up for a number of years. If you are a “worrier,” this option may be a good way to save money.

Do you have subdomains on your website?

If your sites require SSL for subdomains, a wildcard SSL might save you money on your hosting costs. If you like, you can purchase an SSL wildcard that will protect a single site as well as all of its sub-sites.

It is possible to deploy an SSL wildcard that covers the domains,, and, for example.

Do you have a number of different domains and hostnames?

The SSL certificate for Unified Communications (UC) can be used on several domains at the same time. A single UC SSL certificate can be used for up to 99 alternative names in addition to one primary domain. Operators of Microsoft Exchange servers and Microsoft Live, for example, have discovered that they can save a significant amount of money by using UC SSL certificates.