VeriSign Brand Change to Symantec Would Provide Cyber Security Companies with a Fresh Vision

Verisign acquired by Symantec to improve its security solution

Through purchasing VeriSign from the world’s most respected online company, Symantec will be completed through April 2012 and will promote the latest online security platform vision. The fundamental presumption of protection based on identity helps to restore trust online. The agreement signed by VeriSign and Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) covers the provision of SSL Certificates, Public Key Security Services, VeriSign Trust Seal Services, and VeriSign Identity Protection Authentication Services.

In acquiring VeriSign’s security company, Symantec would set its position as the world’s most trusted source to protect the data and identities online. The combination of VeriSign security products and recognition as the world’s most trusted online brand with critical security solutions from Symantec undoubtedly delivers the dream of modern online browsing experience for people from anywhere who have easy and safe access to their private data.

As of April 2012, Symantec is updating the VeriSign logo internationally to the new NortonTM Secured Key. For the users this move should be the simplest and the most seamless. This would be automatic update. Customers will not need to do anything to protect the lock. When it is updated globally it starts appearing up to 650 million times on over 100,000 websites in 165 countries.

Same Power With New Name

While the company names would move from VeriSign to Symantec, for example, VeriSign Secure Site EV SSL Certificate will be Symantec Secure Site EV SSL Certificate, but VeriSign’s high-security standards will be retained by Symantec and will continue to provide the world’s leading security encryption to more than 1 million web servers. This will also be seen on compatible browsers as well as on partner websites and e-commerce WebPages in the search results.

For validate online businesses and websites, Symantec can use the same precise and validated authentication methods that VeriSign recognized earlier. With the acquisition of Symantec VeriSign the highest quality of support will be offered by the same VeriSign customer care and sales team that people know and trust.

Not all in the defense businesses will change. Currently, most of the issues remain the same or even more strategic that VeriSign is a long-established leader in data encryption and strong authentication.

The workplace of today needs ease of use, delivery speed and user-friendly interfaces which are important. The SSL Certificate services provided by VeriSign provide this trust and assurance to users that the websites they use or visit are valid and protected for everything they share with that platform. Therefore Symantec will continue to build trust and confidence in users with these authentication services.

Through the acquisition of the protection sector from VeriSign, Symantec will be the leading source of online trust and security solutions. Symantec will incorporate the VeriSign checkmark into the current Symantec logo, which will allow users to connect securely, or share sensitive information or e-commerce transaction.