Veeam Ransomware Protection

3 storage options against ransomware

This article will help you to understand the Veeam protected as a foundation for fighting ransomware.

Ransomware is constantly finding new ways to infect an environment. This could be by clicking on the wrong website or by compromising your credentials. You will feel infected and may even be infected. There are ways to make your sleep easier. We call these the impenetrable, which are the forms that are resistant to ransomware. Veeam provides three options to protect your data against even the most obnoxious ransomware attacks. Let’s find out how Veeam can give you peace of heart in the face of disasters.

Capacity Tier

We are proud to announce the latest step in our fight against ransomware in Veeam Backup and Replication version 10. This tier uses a native function in the object storage to prevent blocks from being overwritten or changed after they have been stored for a certain amount of time. This means that even a malicious administrator in the company has no access to the backups and cannot modify them. This new innovative feature is quickly becoming one of the most trusted defenses against ransomware.

The Capacity Tier feature Copy Mode now allows you to immediately copy backups from your site. You don’t need to wait for backup chains to close before backups on the Capacity Tier are safe. Although this option is more expensive for long-term retention types, it’s one of the best off-premises options to save your backups.


A tape is a valuable tool for defending against ransomware. Tapes are less susceptible to ransomware attacks, making your data safer in the event of an attack. Storage costs are as low as $5 per TB, so you can have redundant backups kept and rotated (air-gapped), to be offline (or air-gapped) at a reasonable price. Media that is not connected to the network is more protected. Although this technology may seem archaic, it is the most cost-effective option for an on-premises solution.

Rotated media

Rotated media has been a reliable option for many customers to protect themselves against ransomware attacks over the years. This technology allows you to swap hard drives for backup chains. In this way, one or more hard drives can be offline and air-gapped from the network in the event of an attack. This type of repository can be configured as either a direct connect drive, or as a shared across the network. A rotated media repository is a flexible option that protects against ransomware.


Every day ransomware evolves and we offer new protections to combat these evolutions with each release. Veeam offers features that give you confidence and help you to protect your environment from potential disasters. Once you are confident about the impermeable options, it is time to look at the Backup as a service and DR options.