Excel VBA Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 3 Days

This Excel VBA tutorial for beginners features in-depth lessons that will teach you the fundamentals of VBA Excel and VBA. This Visual Basic for Applications Excel Tutorial will walk novices through all of the fundamentals as well as some of the more advanced ideas of VBA.

Just what is the VBA?

Visual Basic for Applications is what many refer to as VBA. It is a blend of Microsoft’s Visual Basic, an event-driven programming language, and Microsoft Office Applications, such as Microsoft Excel. Excel features that can be automated with the help of VBA include the generation of reports, the preparation of charts and graphs, the execution of computations, and more. The term “Macro” is also occasionally used to refer to this type of automated process. In this manner, it assists users in saving the time that would otherwise be spent on running the repeating steps.

Excel VBA Syllabus


👉 Lesson 1 Excel Macro Tutorial — How to Write Macros in Excel & Use
👉 Lesson 2 VBA in Excel — What is Visual Basic for Applications, How to Use
👉 Lesson 3 VBA Variables, Data Types & Declare VBA Constants — Definition & Explanation
👉 Lesson 4 Excel VBA Arrays — What is, How to Use & Types of Arrays in VBA

Advanced Stuff

👉 Lesson 1 VBA Controls — VBA Form Control & ActiveX Controls in Excel
👉 Lesson 2 VBA Arithmetic Operators — Multiplication, Division & Addition
👉 Lesson 3 VBA String Functions — VBA String Operators & Manipulation Functions
👉 Lesson 4 VBA Comparison Operators — Not equal, Less than or Equal to
👉 Lesson 5 VBA Logical Operators — AND, OR, NOT, IF NOT in Excel VBA
👉 Lesson 6 Excel VBA Subroutine — How to Call Sub in VBA with Example
👉 Lesson 7 Excel VBA Function Tutorial — Return, Call, Examples
👉 Lesson 8 Excel VBA Range Object — What is, How to Use
👉 Lesson 9 Web Scraping with VBA — Learn Web Scraping from basics

Must Know!

👉 Lesson 1 VBA Interview Questions — Top 22 VBA Interview Questions & Answers
👉 Lesson 2 VBA Tutorial PDF — Download Excel VBA Programming Tutorial PDF

Why should you learn VBA for Excel?

Excel’s Visual Basic for Apps (VBA) gives you the ability to write instructions for constructing a variety of applications using English-like statements. Excel VBA is simple to understand, and its user interface is straightforward, requiring only that you drag and drop interface controls into place. Learning Excel VBA is simple. You can also improve Excel’s functionality by configuring it to act in the manner of your choosing thanks to this feature.

What exactly is the function of VBA?

VBA is put to use in a variety of contexts, including personal and professional settings. Using basic VBA macros designed for personal use, you can automate the tasks that make up your daily routine. Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you can construct powerful programmes for commercial use and harness the power of Excel in your own tailor-made apps.

Prerequisites for learning VBA Excel Tutorial?

Nothing! The assumption made by this Excel VBA course is that you have no prior experience with VBA. However, it will greatly improve both your pace of learning and your level of comprehension if you already have a basic understanding of Excel and how the functions in Excel operate.

What will you learn if you take this tutorial on Excel VBA?

In this Excel VBA course, you will learn all of the fundamentals of VBA, such as an introduction to Macros, the many data types supported by VBA, variables, and arrays, among other topics. You will also gain an understanding of the more sophisticated principles of Excel VBA, such as VBA Excel form control, ActiveX control, VBA operators, subroutines, functions, objects, web scraping with VBA, and a great many more fascinating topics.