User Certificate Installation Failed Oracle Wallet Manager

You get the following error when you attempt to create an SSL certificate using Oracle Wallet Manager:

installation failedCause

The following problems can result in this error:

  • The wallet lacks the right root certificate
  • The right intermediate credential is missing from the pocket,
  • No matching credential requests have been reported.
  • The SSL certificate was authenticated using the Signature Algorithm of SHA2 (SHA-256)


Lost Root or Intermediate CA troubleshooting:
Download and instal the Symantec Root and Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) Certificate to address this issue.

  • Follow the steps from this connexion to download and instal the Root and Intermediate CA certificates: SO40833
  • Follow the steps from the same connexion to continue with the certificate download.

Troubleshooting a Discrepancy Certificate:

If the right Root and Intermediate CA is imported and the error occurs, a certificate request mis-match is more than likely to trigger the problem.
The relevant credential request must be located to instal the relevant certificate in order to fix this.
NOTE: If this is not feasible, a new wallet and a new Certificate Signing Request should be made.

Troubleshooting Signed SSL Certificates using the Signature Algorithm SHA2 (SHA-256)
SSL certificates signed with the SHA2 Signature Algorithm are not provided by Oracle Wallet Manager 10.x.x.x. You will need to update to Oracle Wallet Manager in order to accept SHA2 certs.