Types of SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate

Extended Validity Certificate has proved to improve Trust and Customer Relation because of its supremacy

Extended Validity Certificate has a stringent verification method and can incorporate full signs of confidence like:

  • Your company’s name
  • Abbreviating Nation
  • And a visible green bar in the browser window which completely ensures your credibility is safe and secure online.

The importance of this credential is widely appreciated due to the recent spike in internet misinformation, reports and scams about cyber threats.

OV SSL Certificate

When you click on the Safe Web Seal, the OV Certificate provides an improved understanding about who is behind the web.

The small padlock and HTTPS prefix in the browser bar of the visitor verifies a legitimate company’s good faith.

While the OV Certificate is not the best certificate, it definitely gives improved value than the DV Certificate.

The big discrepancy on the dominance factors is the eye catchy EV Certificate ‘s green bar

DV SSL Certificate

The cheapest form of certificate with an enormous chance of web phishing and theft is the domain validation certificate.

It offers the lowest form of authentication, i.e. just evidence of control over the address of an internet domain.

It typically takes a minute to issue this certificate, but anyone who wants to run a phishing site or commit fraud can obtain such certificates easily.

As a leading SSL supplier, we advise not to stay with this sort of credential.

Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing SSL certificates are an integral part of releasing downloaded applications over the internet. Code signing guarantees that all written and signed programme is tamper-proof, visible to an authorised publisher and accepted as trusted by of browser without error. For downloadable applications related to Adobe Air, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft code signing, Java code signing, Oracle, MS Windows, VBA, Android and Windows Phone, code signing is available. Https.in is proud to give developers a flexible hand-holding programme to facilitate the signing and publication of software.

Website Anti Malware Scan

A website anti-malware check is the online version to a desktop PC anti-virus solution. Hackers are actively attempting to build carriers out of poorly scripted and vulnerable websites by infecting their code with malware that in turn is downloaded onto an un-suspecting website visitor ‘s PC, from there it performs identity theft or transfers other data covertly. Very significant online initiative needs to introduce a frequent website anti-malware check to detect those threats and delete them before they start infecting users and slowing down the site response. Malware may also re-direct guests to websites of rivals and display ads of an unattractive type.

Both Subdomains SSL Protected (Wildcard)

Wildcard SSL for all subdomains that you have:
If you need to ssl protect all your subdomains alongwith the main domain, a single wildcard SSL certificate is your best choice. Both level one sub-domains can be protected by a wild card certificate and this will save you a lot of money and acquisition time for single domain ssl certificates.

SSL Certificates Multi-Domain (SAN)

For mutual web hosting, multi-domain SSL certificates are a workaround that relies on a single IP address to host different domains. A single certificate in most cases cheap and can protect up to 99 additional domains, using the SAN function of an SSL certificate. Some collaboration applications from Microsoft such as Exchange server often require an SSL certificate of this kind to guarantee the security of all the domains within their environment.