Track Security Breach and Protect your Website with Vulnerability Assessment VeriSign

Review of vulnerability to identity and assign security weaknesses

Now with VeriSign Vulnerability Assessment, it becomes easy to track the security threats to your public-facing WebPages that help you identify the critical risks on your website along with reporting the vulnerabilities and other information risk.

Vulnerability Assessment that comes now FREE with every purchase of VeriSign Extended Validation or Pro SSL Certificate (Compare SSL Certificates) easily identifies potential threats and risks to your website as a result of which the functionality and data of your website may become damaged or lost.

VeriSign vulnerability assessment also includes an automated inspection of public-facing web pages and provides an easy-to-use report with a list of critical vulnerabilities and information items that may result in website risk reduction.

Each VeriSign SSL Certificate you purchase now comes with a vulnerability scan that helps identify the entry points that are most often used for the most common attacks. The report providing vulnerability assessment categorizes the vulnerabilities based on type and risk, and suggests remedial measures. This combination helps businesses easily recognize and correct critical vulnerabilities, making your website easy to secure.

VeriSign ® Secure Site Pro EV, Secure Site EV, and Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates are provided for vulnerability assessment. Existing customers will trigger vulnerability testing by signing in to the VeriSign Trust Center for each of these SSL Certificates. New customers may activate the service after their purchase of VeriSign SSL Certificates (any of the above) is completed.

Now the regular malware scanning and vulnerability assessment, along with SSL Certificates, help to protect your site against potential threats and hackers.

Your website’s combination of SSL, vulnerability evaluation, and regular malware scanning helps grow your online business and develop customer confidence. That actually helps turn your tourists into clients with a secure browsing experience. The VeriSign Trust Seal and Seal-in-Search technology were designed to help your customers ensure that your site is safe from trying to browse for a buy.