Threats Rise Drastically During Holidays, Secure Browsing Is Mandatory

While this news is widely known and not so surprising, cybercriminals target people often during holiday shopping than at any other time. It is not only because of the drastic increase in traffic during these times but also that website owners are busy serving customers, which makes it difficult to monitor any encroachment if they occur.

Customers have the most reliable option of all, to be able to watch and shop only in websites that use SSL Certificate for added safety. A common man may not know or need to know what secure sockets layer certificate can do. But, all that you should realize is that it can keep you safe and keep all your credentials away from those pesky intruders.

Cyber hackers are often after banking details and credit card numbers because it is their chief source of income. By compromising such details one can easily transfer the money to their account and abandon unnoticed. It’s much easier during the holiday season because of the increased online activity as well as the usage of credit cards. Most people prefer shopping online because of the convenience that it provides.

Security experts term that without a doubt, the month of December is the most dangerous of all during a year because of the threats that lurk around every corner. There are real-world risks involved as well where magnetic strips of credit cards are being tracked and used against those customers. Always practice caution when you use your banking information and also be aware of spam Emails that usually clog your mailbox.

Because of this excessive shopping trend, it’s quite easy to fool someone claiming that they have a package waiting or there’s a discount being distributed by a famous store. In case you are suspicious, avoid visiting the website, or providing login details. Also, check for usage of SSL Certificate on the top left corner of the web page to which you are being redirected. If it shows a green address bar, it stands for the safest security measure known as EV or extended validation. It’s approved only after the existence of the organization is confirmed.

Cyber crooks are prowling to grab your information. Whatever the message you get, double-check whether it is from the right source. Checking the credit card statement properly especially during the last three months of the year is mandatory. Some crooks consider bypassing SSL certificates based security and try to make lower purchases, they may not be readily visible in the statement provided.

Take necessary precautions and make sure not to use public wireless internet or even web cameras that may be logging in your keystrokes. In companies, employers should train employees of the security risks involved when accessing work computers and educate them accordingly to establish a safer internet scenario. Shopping at the office isn’t a blunder until they accidentally click on an infected link which promises a huge offer, which could compromise the entire company’s network. And with social media browsing becoming the norm, it is imperative to check for an SSL Certificate. Risks prevail every day but are exceptionally large during holiday shopping time.