The Influential Power of EV SSL On Conversion Rate

Every time a customer visits an online shop, they are most probably in the mood to purchase an item but with so many sellers competing to grab attention, assurance is what they need. The EV SSL certificate acts as an introduction, helping the seller immediately establish a trust worthy relationship with the buyer. The advantage of going for extended validation is that it comes default with a visible indicator, the green address bar.

Even buyers who hardly possess any technical knowledge or the ability to know what SSL certificate is all about, knows that a green bar stands for assured privacy as well as better protection against malware or phishing threats. When customers are skeptical about sharing their credit card details online, the assurance provided by EV SSL will encourage them to complete the purchase. This ultimately leads to better conversion rates thus contributing its fair share to help the online store grow at a rapid pace.

Better Conversion Rates

Professional search engine optimization is the first step to gain visibility in search engines and bring customers to the store or corporate website. Once in, the determining factor will be layout, customer reviews and the level of security it provides. The EV SSL integration will immediately notify the visitor that they are in a secure page and all their transactions are encrypted.

The industry 128-bit and 256-bit encryption solutions are implemented which is well known to experienced online shoppers who know what SSL certs are all about. Besides, these visual indicators the extended validation is issued only to companies which provide original certification for the existence of their establishment. Unlike domain validation which is a short term process and usually completed quick, the EV SSL is issued after thorough verification.

Influencing Sales

Every product is a huge decision for consumers these days because they have myriad choices to chose from. The EV SSL cert will act as an influential tool and stay on par with your competitors because almost every one uses the certificate in contemporary times. Besides, hacking attempts, phishing and malware distribution is on the rise. Hackers are trying to compromise precious user data and commit financial fraud which can only be curbed by using EV SSL the highest form of encryption cert for websites. Installing and buying certificates from a reputed certificate authority is simple because the technical support team will ideally take care of all your requirements. They provide excellent support in all stages until the cert is accepted on the server and shows the certified sign with CA’s name on it.