Symantec Officially Announces a Price Increase for the Japanese Region

Symantec, the world’s most common Certificate Authority (CA), announced they’ll adjust the Japanese region’s price structure. Symantec has communicated the required price change to all of its partners. Symantec has a good reputation for offering the best SSL solutions in the SSL Industry. The business announced the rising prices for Japan on 18th December 2014, effective immediately on 15th January 2015. But, despite pushback from partners like us, Symantec extended the deadline to February 15th to fulfill the requirement.

As per the mandate provided to all partners by Symantec, the prices for Symantec ®, Thawte ®, GeoTrust ® and RapidSSL ® branded SSL and Code Signing Certificates sold to Japan will be increased. We have tailored our pricing to the contractual obligation and agreement. Unless it falls under the set of requirements provided by Symantec, we will now automatically apply surcharges to your order. Such surcharge must include a Japanese administrative, billing, or organizational code.

With this new pricing the parameters include:

  • A Certification given to a domain in Japan. This will affect all Japanese corporations and the official Japanese domains (.jp).
  • A surcharge will be added to all generic names, domain names and SAN entries for the top-level domain extension.
  • Any certificate of EV (Extended Validation) or OV (Organization Validation) issued to an organization registered in Japan;
  • The surcharge is valid for all Symantec ®, Thawte ®, GeoTrust ® and RapidSSL ® products.

During order processing our code will automatically detect the region and apply the surcharge if it meets these requirements. In this case, if you haven’t selected a region such as Japan, the program can stop you from completing your certificate order. You need to contact us in this situation to change the price and to continue with your order.

If your website is hosted in Japan, there is no surcharge

There is no surcharge if the website has overseas domain names hosted in Japan. At the standard price, you can order the SSL Certificate without paying any extra fee.

Price impacts on additional SAN (Alternative Topic Domain Names) and Signing Certificates

The new pricing structure for Symantec also includes SAN certificates and code signing certificates. For extension, you have to pay an extra amount to get more SANs for your domain name. It also holds true for signing certificates for Symantec and Thawte code. It means you must pay a surcharge when you order a Symantec or Thawte Code signing stamp.