Stop Eavesdropping With SSL Certified Websites

A prominent group of consumers believes that it is all about stopping malware entry and virus infection because they send data or take control of your computer. But, eavesdropping is such a subtle and less known issue that poses more danger than actual hacking. The websites which are certified with SSL certificates are the most secure because every information sent to the server is encrypted and no one will be able to read your credit card info along the path.

Instead of trying to hack which is a cybercriminal offense, hackers prefer going this tacit method by acquiring knowledge on personal and financial data. Later, they use them when you least expect it, sometimes even at an earlier date.No one will be able to find how or when this happened because you won’t know your data eavesdropped when being sent over the world wide web. Unlike hacking which requires sophisticated identity hiding, trespassing and eavesdropping are easier making it readily available for almost every hacker in town.

Prominent sellers and online merchants rely on SSL certificates from reputed vendors to safeguard their customers. But, not all of them provide attention to this most significant security issue. Make sure you, as a customer, check the existence of an SSL encryption technology is found on the website. For the convenience of common people to identify this, vendors provide visual indicators like site seals and green address bar.

Anyone can find this in the website URL which usually changes into https and at the bottom of the page, where the seal will be present. Branded companies will use EV SSL as well which will provide the much known and widely accepted green address bar. It shows that you are in an extremely safe zone and it is safe to transact with the said website. The extended validation is issued only when the company’s complete identity and existence are verified.

Consider checking for these basic elements before doing business with a website. Similarly, website owners who are starting up a new online service or planning to provide quality assurance to customers should consider using SSL certificates right from the start. The better they are, the easier it will be for someone to trust a new brand and buy products or avail services without second thoughts. Customer trust assurance is the first step towards building brand value and the better it is, the higher the conversion rates will be.