SSL Secured


Online users don’t know much about the technical terms and what online security means. Every person uses the internet to do something. It will be of great benefit to users to learn about security basics online. Let’s learn how to determine if a website has been protected.


  • The green address bar: A website that is SSL enabled will always have a green address bar. A green address bar will be displayed on all websites that have GeoTrust SSL certificates, or any other credible SSL. These websites make it completely safe to share sensitive data.
  • The normal address bar: These websites are not protected by SSL certificates. Please do not share confidential information on these websites if you are required to.
  • HTTPS and Websites with HTTPS offer an additional level of security. To verify, delete HTTP and replace it with HTTPS. If it works, hit the Enter key and enter.
  • Red warning sign: It is possible to come across a website that won’t open immediately. A warning pop-up will appear in your browser with the option to proceed anyway. This is because this website is not protected. The browser will not encrypt any data you enter here. It can also be easily viewed by unauthorized third parties.

These are just a few of the things that can be used to help website users identify secure websites. Cyber threats such as phishing continue to exist even after GeoTrust SSL certificates have been installed. They convince certificate authorities to issue them valid certificates, making them appear legitimate. The phishing site looks safe and secure and passes all of the above checks. It is possible to expect that CA will soon offer a solution for these cyber threats in the future.