SSL – Secure Select Pages On A Different Server

When you are a webmaster and running a website, be it information based or the one where products are sold with online transactions, the first issue that most assume is related to getting hacked by hackers from any part of the globe. This security problem is not only concerned with you but also with everyone who accesses your website and trusts you by providing their financial information. In some cases, experts suggest that using an SSL certificate only in the transactions page will be an ideal choice because this will allow search engine bots to crawl easily and get better rankings. At the same time, this move will ensure that you encrypt only required data on select pages than encrypting them all at once which may cause a load time delay.

Using Different Server For Better Protection With SSL

A majority of website owners believe that when their website is hacked, there is a possibility of increasing security measures when specific pages are hosted on a different website. This may deny access to malicious codes and hackers who try to compromise all data available on a particular server.

Besides various suggestions and ideas proposed for this same, you can know the guidelines on how to handle an issue like this and let users know they are actually on the page that they want to be!

  • The https URL is the visual indicator of people logging into the website. Sometimes, both HTTP and https URLs will run on the same pages where the secured version with SSL will run within an iframe tag. This method is not widely suggested because there will be no URL except the iframe which may make users think twice.
  • Another suggested method is to create a hash of the content. Then you are supposed to sign it with a corporate private key which will allow users to verify using their public key. The only requirement is that your private key should be safe at your disposal at all times.
  • When there are two pages and you wish to secure only one, using 2 DNS will be a feasible approach. Use two servers and if your main page is altered anyway, it should automatically redirect users to the secondary secure page.