SSL installation in Oracle using Oracle Wallet Manager

Oracle Wallet Manager Download Directions

The installation instructions for Oracle Wallet Manager are included in this text. We suggest that you contact Oracle if you are unable to follow these measures on the server.

Export CA Certificates for Root and Intermediate

NOTE: Before adding a user certificate or a order, you must include all the trustworthy certificates in the user certificate certificate series.
The user credential to be added would crash.

  • Open Manager for Oracle Wallet
  • Pick Operations > Trusted Certificate import
  • Export the credential for the Root CA
  • Find the Certificate Paste button
  • Tap on OK
  • Paste your certificate in the text box
  • Tap on OK
  • At the bottom of the window, a message states that the trusted certificate has been installed successfully.
  • After importing the Trustworthy Root Certificate and before closing the wallet, save any modifications to the wallet.
  • To add the Intermediate CA certificate, repeat these steps.

Import a certificate from SSL

  • Click the Import User Certificate button from the Operations menu. The Certificate Import dialogue box appears.
  • Click the Certificate Paste tab, then click OK.
  • The following message appears in another Import Certificate dialogue box:
  • “Please include a certificate in the Base64 format and paste it below. Paste the certificate into the dialogue box and click OK.”
  • Only press OK.
  • When this is done, a message at the bottom of the window states that the credential has been installed successfully.
  • The main window of Oracle Wallet Manager reappears, and the state of the corresponding entry in the subtree of the left panel switches to Able.

NOTE: If the process above does not operate, create a new wallet in the wallet manager, create a new CSR and repeat the above steps.

You might obtain the following error during the certificate installation:
“Failed to import user certificates because the CA certificate did not exist.”

Question Concern

You get the following error when you attempt to mount an SSL certificate using Oracle Wallet Manager:


This mistake may be due to the following problems:

  • The wallet lacks the right root certificate
  • The right intermediate credential is missing from the pocket,
  • No matching credential requests have been identified.
  • The SSL certificate was authenticated using the Signature Algorithm of SHA2 (SHA-256)

The Solution

Lost Root or Intermediate CA troubleshooting:

Download and instal the appropriate Root and Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) certificate from here to solve this issue.

Troubleshooting a Discrepancy Certificate:

If the right Root and Intermediate CA is imported and the error persists, a certificate request mis-match is more than likely to trigger the problem.

The correct credential request must be found to instal the corresponding certificate in order to fix this.

NOTE: If this is not feasible, a new wallet and a new Certificate Signing Request should be made.
For a replacement certificate, the new CSR could then be submitted.

Troubleshooting Signed SSL Certificates using the Signature Algorithm SHA2 (SHA-256)

SSL certificates signed with the SHA2 Signature Algorithm are not provided by Oracle Wallet Manager 10.x.x.x. You will need to update to Oracle Wallet Manager in order to accept SHA2 certs.