SSL For Website

The Benefits of SSL Certificate for Website

This article will focus on the benefits and reasons why SSL Certificate is so important for your website. These benefits help businesses to increase profits and revenue.

The growth of the digital universe has increased as the internet’s evolution has been rapid. Everything, from a pin to a large television, is now available online. It has also led to cybercrime, as well as customer data leakage.

You need an SSL certificate for your website, just as you need a belt to drive a car and a helmet to ride a bicycle.

Different questions may arise, such as:

– Is it worth getting an SSL certificate?

– Why is HTTPS important?

– Does an SSL certificate need to be mandatory?

All these questions can be answered with ” Yes“.

Most people are confused by the HTTP to HTTPS switch. They are unaware of the benefits of an SSL Certificate and the danger of not having one.

Only 1.9% of websites in the top 1,000,000 are using SSL Certificates. However, 4.2% of the top 10,000 websites have SSL certificates.

Benefits of SSL Certificate

  • SSL Protects Customer Information:

Customer data (IDs and Passwords) are essential in this highly competitive market. The organization’s customer data is like a diamond. The organization cannot compromise on customer data security. SSL Certificate protects data that is transiting between browser and server. It encrypts the data and keeps it secure. SSL protects data from hackers and other skimmers by making them inaccessible.

  • Protects From Google Warning:

Google has fulfilled its promise to make the internet safer with its consent updates. They have named and shamed unencrypted websites (HTTP sites) with their consent updates. On October 17, 2018, Google launched Chrome 70. With it, they have raised security warnings about sites that aren’t fully HTTPS-secure.