SSL for Retailers

Essential knowledge you need when you deploy SSL Services in a retail environment

SSL for Retailers essential to the success of any web retailer is the ability to convert visitors into paying customers. Whilst there are many on-line and off-line sources of information available to web site owners, one consistent fact drives up conversion rates more than any other – trust. After all, no one buys from a salesman they do not trust! As well as selling the benefits of your product or service and having a clear call to action on each page, you must maximize the deployment of trust indicators especially on your home page or pages where consumers either make payments or enter personal data.

You can see here, the benefits of using High Assurance SSL on your retail site

  • Provides visitors with trust indicators to drive overall confidence in your brand, products, and services.
  • Allows your customers to confidently pass ordering information and credit card details to you in a secure manner.
  • Enable you to boost your visitor conversion rates – increasing your profitability from the same level of traffic.
  • It allows you to utilize the branding power of the certificate vendor to your advantage.
  • It allows you to expand your portfolio of secure services to consumers’ suppliers and partners.
  • Facilitating web site security from less than $1 per week.

Offering consumers secure payment capabilities – Consumer concern about the security and privacy of personal and financial information is partly due to the recent media attention focused on identity theft and partly due to the increasing awareness of consumers now familiar in SSL for Retailers using Internet-based retailing systems. As the majority of the visitors to your site will more than likely have purchased something before, it makes sense to provide a purchasing process mirroring that of the major on-line retailers, all of which without exception utilize High Assurance SSL certificates.

SSL for Retailers


SSL for RetailersIncrease consumer confidence through the power of branding – Retailers have an opportunity to capitalize on the brand power of the certificate provider itself to inspire consumer confidence and trust. The leading certificate providers offer additional value-added services in the form of site seals and trust indicators to further enhance the credibility of the retail site. As more and more retailers provide positive trust indicators on their web sites, consumers are becoming more accustomed to and therefore relying upon those indicators. The strongest branding opportunity comes from the leading providers, whose branding adorns many of the top retail sites.

Secure Login capabilities for customers, partners, and suppliers – Many retailers expose back end applications to partners, suppliers, and customers. Those services include rich and varied content such as webmail servers, stock reporting systems and purchasing systems, streamlining business processes, saving costs, and ensuring the retailer can offer leading-edge real-time solutions. SSL certificates enable secure deployment of web services, SSL Virtual Private Networks, and presentation servers.

Meeting the needs of rapid business expansion – Many retailers moving services to the Internet have found themselves growing at an astonishing rate, requiring the use of an ever-expanding range of hardware and software solutions. Commercial success on the internet depends on gaining the trust of online customers. For your online business to succeed, you need to prove your website’s legitimacy to create a sense of confidence in your business. To ensure minimal down-time, many retailers build in redundancy to critical network systems or add additional load-balanced servers. With certificate lifetimes of up to 3 years, it is highly probable that some form of expansion or migration will be necessary during that time. Unforeseen costs can be avoided through the selection of appropriate SSL certificate vendors who offer unlimited re-issuance services for free that you can extend to your customers.