SSL for Enterprise

Essential knowledge you need when you deploy SSL in your Enterprise

You can see here, the benefits of using the High Assurance Secure Socket Layer within your enterprise.

  • Provides visitors with trust indicators to drive overall confidence in your brand, products, and services.
  • Allows your partners and suppliers to confidently pass ordering information to you in a secure manner.
  • Allows you to expand your portfolio of secure services to consumers
  • Facilitating web site security from less than $0.50 per day.

Satisfying the diverse needs of the Enterprise – Whether you fall under the banner of a government body, a telecommunications provider, or a global multi-national conglomerate, Secure Socket Layer services allow you to deploy industry-standard secure web services right across your organization. The top SSL vendors ease integration issues through the provision of web-based tools to streamline certificate lifecycle management and reporting. Many SSL vendors also promote enhanced branding services to deliver a seamless integration experience to end customers

Secure Login capabilities for customers, partners, and suppliers – Many large enterprises successfully identified very early on that clear cost-saving opportunities could be realized by exposing back end applications and services to partners, suppliers, and customers. Those services include rich and varied content such as webmail servers, stock reporting systems, and purchasing systems.

These services can be delivered via a single login experience, or through specific sections of the web site dedicated to those functions. Concerns about security and privacy may be addressed through the creation of ‘Secure Login’ pages. A special type of SSL certificate known as a ‘Wildcard’ certificate caters specifically for services distributed across a number of subdomains. Those sub-domains may even be located on different servers. While other SSL vendors charge for additional server licenses, Comodo offers free, unlimited additional server licenses with each certificate. For example * can secure and amongst others.

Simple and effective deployment across a heterogeneous architecture – The requirements of an enterprise will vary considerably depending on the size of the organization and the breadth of the services it is required to deliver. The choice of hardware and software deployed for this task will also, therefore, vary accordingly. SSL certificates offer an industry-standard, cross-platform solution to secure many of these alternative network architectures, securing Web servers, virtual private networks (VPN), webmail servers, and presentation servers such as Citrix MetaFrame. It is vital for enterprises to select SSL vendors capable of providing step-by-step support and guidance both on the choice of SSL certificate but also its installation and operation.

Meeting the needs of rapid service expansion – Many enterprises moving services to the Internet have found themselves growing at an astonishing rate, requiring the use of a constantly expanding hardware and software infrastructure. The migration of Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) related services from one environment to another is catered for by SSL vendors who provide ‘unlimited re-issuance policies’. With certificate lifetimes of up to 3 years, it is highly probable that some migration will be necessary during that time.