SSL Certificate Vendors Comparison–Which Is Best?

In the tough economic times, we are living in today, many smart business owners are actively seeking new and streamlined measures to reduce costs. SSL Certificate that offers value for money is vital. And although many online companies know the importance of having a reliable SSL Certificate protecting their customers and website information from being hacked, some resort to looking for the best value in regards to SSL Certificates.

When it comes to protection for a website, it has been said that there is no dollar amount that can pay for developing honest trust between customers and the companies they choose online. But, the reality of today’s business world states that using trustworthy SSL Certificates comes at a cost to the business owner. However, many people think that in order for an SSL Certificate to be trustworthy – it must be expensive.

Nothing is further than the truth

Today’s best SSL Certificates are made and supplied by Comodo that not only provides a highly secure connection for online shoppers and the websites they frequent but are also among the least expensive in the industry. This provides value to each customer who needs a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate installed on their website.

Here are some product comparisons to show you how Comodo’s SSL network stacks up to the competition.

Comparing SSL Certificate

Name of Product

Cost per year

Assurance level

Comodo Positive SSL



Comodo Intranet SSL



Comodo Instant SSL



GeoTrust QuickSSL



Thawte SSL 123



GeoTrust True Business



Comodo InstantSSLPro



Go Daddy® Standard



Comodo Premium SSL



Verisign ManagedPKI



Entrust Standards SSL



Looking at this chart, it is easy to see how well Comodo’s SSL Certificates stack up against the competition. Today’s Comodo SSL Certificates are designed to work with a wide variety of business needs. This is the reason that Comodo has taken the time to develop many levels of SSL Certificate protection to meet the needs of each individual online portal.

If your website is a small traffic site and does not generate a tremendous amount of business, you can install a Comodo SSL Certificate which is designed for your specific website needs. This will save you money as well as make sure that you are not over-buying software you simply can’t use or don’t need.

Ultimately, this establishes a value for the product you buy. And in today’s economic climate, value is everything. This also creates a reliable and trustworthy connection between you and your customers. The facts don’t lie – nearly 75% of all online shoppers insist on shopping on a secured website that proudly displays a trustworthy SSL Certificate on its website.

The Comodo seal is highly trustworthy with online shoppers. This is the reason that top companies like Apple, HP, NASA, and several state and local government officials trust Comodo-branded SSL Certificate to protect their online presence. If Comodo is good enough for these companies, it’s definitely good enough to protect your online presence as well.