SSL Certificate – Making The Web More Secure

Even for a veteran, there is plenty of new stuff in the industry that you may not be aware of. SSL Certificate is definitely one of them. The internet is always in the evolving phase and you need to make sure that every type of information that is transferred online is done in a secure manner.

To make things simplified and also to bring everything under one roof, the Certificate Authority was formed. They made  SSL certificates a common, reliable, and easily accessible solution for online vendors. When online shopping and transaction became a rage, the phishing attacks and identity theft grew as well. To make sure that you are actually communicating with the intended computer, a private key was issued by the CA community. However, there is also the freedom to generate private keys by yourself but make sure it stays secure matters!

An Overview Of SSL Certificate

Abbreviated as the secure sockets layer, the SSL Certificate is a common term used to refer to the technology of encrypting data whenever it is transmitted between a server and users computers. The connecting line between the servers and the clients should be the inactive condition. In case, it fails to work as it should, there are high possibilities that a malicious entity could compromise the sensitive data and retrieve whatever was encrypted inside. To make sure it doesn’t happen, public key infrastructure and private key infrastructure was introduced. They are more like secured codes that will be available only with the concerned server or provider for easier identification.

PKI – The Handshake Technology

While in common terms, you can assume that when two people know each other, they will shake hands to reiterate the fact. This is also done to ensure that they are actually meeting the person intended to and not a wrong diversion. This is used by servers and websites in the form of PKI.  Private and Public keys are useful in this scenario, found with SSL Certificate.

The client website will prove that it is the actual site by signing the private key with the public key cryptography. It is used to simply match both cases and ensure the other hand has the necessary access. For securing more than one domain, wildcard SSL is utilized which can be used to save cost and also secure a large number of domains with the same prefix.