SSL Certificate Data Scanning For Better Security

In the modern era, a new trend of online threat has started affecting internet service providers and consumers. A simple fact that encrypted data within SSL Certificate not being readily available to scan, read, and monitor sometimes makes it difficult to assess threats posed by hackers. The security industry has come up with innovative and highly reliable methods to solve this immediate problem. Recent news revealed about the non-existence of a company which was established purely for the purpose of acquiring a valid certificate and later was used to do malicious activities. Because of the event, extended validation certificates are being provided with an even intense verification process, to assess the age of the organization and its credibility.

SSL Certificate Verification Methods

Monitoring Encrypted Communications

It is true that when most operations are encrypted with SSL Certificate,  security networks will not be able to scan or read the content within. While this is a feature designed to provide maximum privacy and protection for sensitive data during the transaction, it also poses a possible threat. The new technology will allow analysts to read and scan SSL certificates because plenty of hackers have now started using it as a cover to smuggle malicious codes.

A huge list of rogue applications, bugs, virus applications, spyware, and more are distributed through this network to unsuspecting organizations. The new add-on feature aims to stop this illicit spreading and allow IT, experts, to know what’s actually contained within a data packet without violating privacy.

The Transfer Protocol

Basically, the data packets sent should be transferred without any disruption or intrusions. If it tampers, chances are high for a computer or network to get affected. When you compare SSL and buy any product, make sure to see if it has these above said features and will be able to scan encrypted data for maximum protection. The branded and reputed certificate authorities are always on to create better technology with SSL Certificate so as to make web browsing a safer experience. Getting your encryption needs solved by them has plenty of advantages including browser compatibility, easy recognition by major browsers because the private keys are issued separately to each company,  with 256-bit encryption, and more.