SSL Certificate 101 – The Variants Available

Online security is a very serious concern in today’s digital world. As such, more and more computer users are turning to SSL Certificates to protect their online experience. It allows any computer using the safety and security to browse online through a secure connection, making SSL Certificates a leading downloaded application for all kinds of users – from business owners to online gamers.

However, many computer users simply don’t know what options are available to them. As such, here are a few basic SSL Certificate options available through Comodo that will provide the precise level of online security you seek – at prices you can afford.

Different Types of SSL Certificate Solutions

There are two basic types of SSL Certificates available to computers these days that provide two different functions – wildcard SSL certificates or EV SSL certificates.

Wildcard SSL certificates are similar to a regular SSL Certificate in the way they protect your online browsing options. However, the main difference is that Wildcard SSL protects several sub-domains as opposed to a single page. This type of SSL Certificate is perfect for an online business whose customers demand a secure internet connection when they shop online.

The strength of these wildcard SSL Certificates ranges between 34 to 128 bits of online protection. If you own and operate a small online business, having a wildcard SSL Certificate that offers 48 bits of protection should be appropriate for the volume of online shoppers. The cost is relatively low. However, if you expect to grow your business, it might be a great idea to invest in a top-rated 128-bit wildcard SSL Certificate from the beginning. Wildcard SSL certificates are a wonderful solution for an online website that wants to develop a higher level of trust with their online customers.

The second type of SSL Certificate that is receiving a lot of attention these days is the Extended Validation or (EV) SSL Certificate offered by Comodo. This certificate offers the highest level of authentication compared to any of the SSL Certificates currently available to businesses online. Most people recognize the EV SSL Certificate from the green address bar they generate when a computer user is browsing the internet.

This green bar of trust prominently displays the company name and provides computer users an extremely visible level of trust – telling them that their online shopping experience is as protected as possible.

Advantages of EV SSL Certificates

The price paid for a quality EV SSL Certificate is not simply to place a nice green bar on your website – it is designed to protect you and your customers from unwanted hackers stealing private information. The EV SSL certificate was designed to strengthen e-commerce security and combat phishing attacks making it one of the best online security programs available today.