The SEO industry has been buzzing with excitement, ever since Google announced that SSL will have an impact on websites’ organic rankings. The declaration did cause a stir in the SEO industry, with leading corporates musing over the potential profits of investing in an SSL organization.

Other Ranking Impacts

Apart from SSL, there are many things a company could do to have a bigger SEO impact along with switching to SSL.

The SEO industry is all about one important aspect that is to achieve top rankings with convertible traffic in Google. So whenever there is Google announcement of a new factor that influences rankings, the industry goes ballistic over it.

Organic traffic is a simple recipe to achieve if a company knows the right ingredients. Good SEO is a healthy combination of SSL and other hundreds of things that help improve a company’s rankings.

Maintaining URL Consistency

The links that users see, and that is used in a site’s internal linking strategy, and the links used in XML Sitemap should match.

Limit Parameters, Avoid Sub-domains

The main purpose of SEO ranking is to attract the maximum users to a company’s URL with the help of SSL and certain other parameters. Having many will not help the cause, so limit the number of parameters you have. Use words in the place numbers and hyphens in place underscores. And whenever possible, avoid sub-domains.

Have Real Content

Good content follows no specific formula. Any content that helps convert your visitors into customers is good content. Therefore, writing content that encourages users to make a purchasing decision is imperative.

Place Content High on the Page Instead of Images

Search engines go through each and every page linearly and literally.

Live text placed high on the page is the best content type you can have. That is how search engines know what your website is about to rank you.

If a search engine spider has to crawl through numerous links and several images before it gets to the actual subject of your page, it will consider those things more important. So, push your content high on the page.

Strong Title Tags

Having a keyword in your title tag is important. You can also include action words such as Buy, Shop, etc in your title tags since it evokes an action that the user.

Increase Your Load Time

The slower your website, the longer it takes search engine spiders to study your page. More importantly, users would lose all their patience and will not stick around for a few seconds just to see your offer. Remove unnecessary codes that occupy important space to speed your page load time.

With Google’s announcement that the using SSL will positively impact rankings, the SEO industry has been left with its devices to improve its performance. This leaves companies, SEO specialists, and strategies to make Web security top of their agendas.