Should I Buy SSL From My Domain Registrar or My Webhost?

When you buy SSL certificate for your website, it encrypts all the data you send and receive from your visitors. However, if you buy an SSL certificate from your domain registrar, they might not be the best option for you. Purchasing an SSL certificate from a webhost can give you better security and performance because they have more experience with SSL certificates and know how to set them up properly.

What is SSL?

SSL is a protocol that encrypts the data between your browser and website. This ensures that your information is protected from prying eyes, like hackers who may be trying to steal your login credentials or credit card numbers.
SSL is most commonly used on websites that require you to enter personal information (like your email address), as it will keep this information private. Additionally, using SSL will help to protect you from being snooped on in transit, which can be especially useful if you’re using public Wi-Fi networks.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need to purchase SSL, there’s no harm in doing so – it’s typically only a small cost to have it installed on your website. However, if you don’t need it, there’s no reason to spend money on it.
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What are the benefits of SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that encrypts data between your browser and the website. When you visit a website that uses SSL, your data is protected with AES-256-bit encryption, which makes it difficult for anyone to eavesdrop on the conversation.

SSL also provides an authentication layer, so that your browser can verify that you are connecting to the website you think you are connecting to. This prevents fraudsters from stealing your login information or hijacking your session.
In addition to protecting your data, SSL also helps make websites faster and more secure. By encrypting the communication between your browser and the site, SSL can help prevent hackers from intercepting or stealing data as it crosses the network.

SSL is becoming more common on websites because it offers several benefits: Protection of your personal information: When you use SSL, your data is encrypted before it leaves your device. This makes it difficult for anyone – even someone who has access to your device – to steal or copy your information.

When you use SSL, your data is encrypted before it leaves your device. This makes it difficult for anyone – even someone who has access to your device – to steal or copy your information. Authentication and security:

How to buy SSL from a domain registrar or webhost?

If you’re looking to buy SSL from a domain registrar or webhost, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that your domain is registered with a provider that offers SSL. Second, be sure to ask your provider about its SSL offerings. Third, be sure to compare prices and features between providers before making a purchase. Finally, be sure to read the provider’s terms and conditions carefully before signing up for SSL.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to go about purchasing SSL (or any other security feature) depends on your specific circumstances. However, in general, it is a good idea to purchase security features from your domain registrar rather than from your webhost. This is because domain registrars have a much broader range of security options available to them than webhosts do, and they are typically more knowledgeable about SSL and other security features. Additionally, many domain registrars offer protection against stolen certificates (a common occurrence with SSL purchases made through third-party sellers), which can be extremely helpful if you find yourself in this situation.