Should I Buy SSL For My Business Domains?

SSL is a security protocol that ensures your traffic is encrypted when traveling over the internet. It’s important to have SSL on all of your business domains, as not having it could leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here are some things to consider when buying SSL:

What is SSL and why is it important for my business?

SSL is a type of security that helps protect your online data by encrypting it before it is sent to the web server. This means that anyone who is attempting to intercept or tamper with your data while it is in transit will not be able to read or modify it. SSL provides an extra layer of security for your business website, as well as your customers’ personal information.SSL is especially important for businesses that process or store sensitive customer data. By using SSL, you can ensure that your customers’ personal information remains confidential and safe.

The different types of SSL certificates

1.Domain Validation (DV) Certificate

A domain validation (DV) certificate is a security measure that ensures that the site you are visiting is actually registered with the relevant domain name registrar and is not a phishing site. DV certificates are issued by the Domain Validation Corporation, or DVCO.

The process of getting a DV certificate is simple. You must first submit your site to their Registrar Review Program, orRRP. Once accepted, they will issue you a certificate valid for one year. To maintain your validity, you must visit the DVCO website every year and renew your certificate.

2. Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

An extended validation (EV) certificate is similar to a DV certificate, but it also includes an endorsement from the VeriSign Trust Services bureau. This endorsement gives assurance that the site is secure and not subject to phishing attacks. EV certificates are also issued by the DVCO and are valid for two years.

3. Wildcard SSL Certificate

A wildcard SSL certificate is perfect for small businesses that only need to protect one or two domains. A wildcard SSL certification

What are the benefits of buying an SSL certificate for my business?

One of the benefits of purchasing an SSL certificate for your business is that it will help protect your online information from being stolen or intercepted. By encrypting your traffic, you can make sure that your data is protected from anyone who might try to breach your security. Additionally, a secure connection also means that your customers will feel more confident when conducting business with you online. In addition, a properly installed SSL certificate can also help improve your SEO rankings by making you appear more trustworthy and secure.

How to choose the right SSL certificate for my business?

SSL certificates are important for any website that conducts business through the internet. If your website is doing any kind of financial transactions, such as PayPal, then you need to ensure you have an SSL certificate. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an SSL certificate, so we’ll go over a few things here.

First and foremost, you need to decide what type of security your website needs. Do you want an all-around protection or just one specific type? For example, if you sell products that could be hacked by someone trying to steal personal information like credit card numbers, then you’ll want an SSL certificate that encrypts all traffic so no one can see what you’re doing online. Or maybe your site just needs to be a little more secure against potential hacking attempts – in this case, an SSL certificate that only encrypts data between your website and the customer’s browser will do the trick.

Another thing to consider is how important it is for your site to be recognized by Google and other search engines. If you’re selling products or services online, then having high rankings on Google will help increase traffic and conversions. And since most people try to find websites they’re interested in before clicking


Buying SSL for your business domains is a big decision that you’ll need to weigh carefully. Here are some things to consider:

  • The security of your website and data
  • The cost ofSSL certificate and renewals
  • How well the site ranks in search engine results
  • The technical requirements of the domain name