Should I Buy SSL Certificate From Host or Domain Registar?

Why you should buy an SSL certificate

When you’re online, your data is at stake. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself with an SSL certificate from a trusted registrar. Here’s why you should buy an SSL certificate from a domain registrar rather than from your web host:

– Your web host doesn’t have the expertise to certify and issue SSL certificates. They may be able to help you set up the certificate, but they won’t be able to help you keep it up-to-date or troubleshoot any issues.

– Domain registrars are experts in SSL security. They’ve been issuing certificates for years and are familiar with all the latest security threats. They’ll be able to help you choose an appropriate level of security and recommend ways to protect your data.

– If you buy an SSL certificate from your web host, they’ll likely charge you extra for the service. With a domain registrar, however, there’s no additional cost associated with getting an SSL certificate.

How to buy an SSL certificate

If you’re looking to secure your website’s traffic with an SSL certificate, you have two main options: buying one from a hosting company or domain registrar, or getting one from a third-party provider like Let’s Encrypt. Here’s how each works.

Buying an SSL certificate from a hosting company

If you’re using a hosting company, they likely already provide SSL support. To get started, you’ll need to ask your host about their certificate options and buy the appropriate one for your site. Some hosts offer prepaid certificates that you can use right away, while others require that you set up an account and purchase the certificate in advance.

Once you’ve purchased the certificate, your host will provide instructions on how to install it. Be sure to check with your host to make sure that they support installing certificates on newly created servers as well as older ones.

Buying an SSL certificate from a domain registrar

If you’re buying an SSL certificate directly from a domain registrar, there are a few things to consider. First, find out which type of certificate your domain needs—a single-domain or multi-domain certificate. (A single-domain certificate is good for only one website

Which domain registar to buy a SSL certificate from

If you’re considering purchasing a SSL certificate to protect your website’s traffic, it’s important to consider which domain registar to use. Here are four factors to consider when choosing a registrar: price, support, features, and trustworthiness.

Price is the first consideration. Domain registrars typically charge different prices for SSL certificates depending on the size of the order and the country in which the order is placed. Some registrars also offer volume discounts.

Support is another important factor to consider when purchasing a SSL certificate. Many domain registrars offer customer service that can help you set up your SSL certificate, answer questions, and troubleshoot issues.

Features is another factor to consider when purchasing a SSL certificate. Some domain registrars offer features such as enhanced security, private registration, and more.

Trustworthiness is also important when purchasing a SSL certificate. Many domain registrars have been accredited by Verisign, one of the world’s leading security brands. Additionally, many domain registrars have been reviewed by independent third-party organizations such as AV-Test Institute and The Center for Internet Security (CIS).


If you’re concerned about security and want to make sure your website is as secure as possible, then you should buy a SSL certificate from a host rather than domain registar. A SSL certificate from a host will protect your site from hackers who try to access it by intercepting data in transit between your computer and the server. Domain registars don’t offer this level of protection because they only manage the settings for your domain name, not the site itself.