SGC SSL Certificates: Allow High Level Trust and Protection

The Solution to Allow Older Browsers to High Protection

Today it is more important to maintain a reputation when you are in online business as it depends entirely on the strict protection of information processed by your platform and there is a need to have the type of Internet security solution that can provide all users with the most effective encryption.

This type of information protection is critical when accepting online payments, connecting to a bank or brokerage, exchanging patient records will adhere to the privacy of any governmental or other regulatory and safety requirements or deal with any private credit card details. The information exchanged is translated into code which is meaningless to an unauthorized user by encryption process. The better the encryption, the harder it is for anybody to decrypt your online communications. It is recommended that Industry Experts use at least 128-bit encryption for all sessions to be secure online. Some web server setups, the browser allows up to 256-bit encryption security to be seated which is the strongest encryption level available today.

To order to have the higher level of encryption, the browser of your customer and your host server will accept it, otherwise the session will be down by default and the customer will not be able to obtain protection by sending the data over the Internet. For this type of encryption, SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) certificates are best suited for providing the strongest encryption with 128-256 bit SSL Certificates which ensures that all Internet users trust your website.

If your website does not have SGC certificates on the web server then only 40 or 56-bit encryption is allowed by the browsers and operating systems. Users may temporarily move to 128-bit SSL encryption if they visited an SGC SSL Certificate website when using browser versions such as Internet Explorer from 3.02 but prior to version 5.5, Netscape from 4.02 and up to 4.72.

By having SGC SSL Certificates, server administrators allow few users to exchange sensitive information to access their pages. When looking for online shopping or exchanging credit card information, your customers can easily trust your website, because your website has SGC SSL certificates. As in the Internet and online shopping trend of today, innovations such as SGC are being used to ensure more online security as well as trust from consumers. So the true 128-bit SSL Certificates allow every visitor to experience the best SSL encryption they can get.