Server Private Key


If the private key and certificate do not match, this situation can arise.


To fix the issue, make sure the certificate’s private key is correct. Check to see if the modulus of the certificate and the modulus of the private key are the same. Take the following steps:

Use the following command to see the certificate modulus:

OpenSSL md5 | OpenSSL x509 -about -modulus -in certificate.crt

Use the following command to see the key:

OpenSSL md5 | OpenSSL RSA -about -modulus -in privateKey.key

Make sure to check the following:

Check that the certificate and private key are saved in Notepad and that there are no spaces after them.

The key and certificate’s “modulus” and “public exponent” components must be identical.

Make sure you’re not utilizing the server. the key file that comes with Windows.

Check the directives in the httpd.conf / httpd-SSL.conf files to make sure they point to the correct private key and certificate.

Please generate a new CSR and share it with us so that we can renew the certificate if they don’t match.