Sectigo Certificate

Sectigo (Formerly Comodo) SSL Certificates

Sectigo has more than 100+ million digital certificates in over 150 countries. It is the largest commercial CA in the world. You can choose from a variety of SSL certificates, with different levels of validation and warranties. Sectigo believes that every digital transaction should have an embedded layer of trust and security.

Sectigo has a variety of products that are suitable for all kinds of online businesses, from small to large enterprises. All types are available at affordable prices, including Extended validated SSL certificates, Organization validated SSL certificates, and Domain validated SSL certificates. Sectigo SSL certificates are the fastest and most cost-effective way to secure your website.

  • Certificates of Digital Verification SSL

    Basic SSL Certification

    • Only domain name email authentication. In minutes, an SSL certificate can be issued.
    • Displays the padlock sign for all web browsers
    • With up to 256 bits encryption, you can have great data privacy.
    • The lowest level of consumer trust compared to an organisation or extended validation SSL certificate.