Renew Your SSL Certificate Using These Simple Renewal Process

As we discussed earlier, we need SSL certificates to grow business and win confidence from customers. Now comes the part of renewing the SSL certificate we are going to be talking about today. SSL certificates should be renewed before expiry because you won’t be eligible to renew SSL Certificates after that. Therefore, you need to be mindful when your SSL certificate will expire.

Here are the steps for Renewing your SSL Certificate:

  • A Renew connection will be listed next to your SSL certificate (Login- > Manage Domains-> SSL Certificates) in the SSL Certificates menu before 30 days of expiry. When you click on that button, you will be redirected to pay for SSL Renewal for checkout.
  • Next, you need to activate the SSL Certificate after you have completed payment. Ask your hosting company to generate CSR renewal for you, for that. Also, make sure your hosting server has the type of web server installed. Log in to your account now and click Allow connection next to it to trigger the renewal in the SSL Certificates tab.
  • Turning SSL Certificate Renewal on is as easy as activating the new certificate. You must send your certificate approval email address along with filling out your certificate ‘s administrative contact information. The approval email will be sent to your given email address after you have finished the activation process. If you don’t receive the email address you have requested, please contact your hosting provider.
  • If you get an email, confirm the SSL renewal activation connection, you will receive the signed certificate you selected during the activation process. Processing the certificate order from the certification authority can take about 2 hours. If a certificate is not received within 2 hours, please ask for help from the support centre.

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