Reduce the Risk during Online Transactions with EV SSL

The VeriSign Secure Site Pro (SGC) EV SSL Certificate is the perfect way to instill confidence and trust in your guests. It allows for the name of the business in the address bar. It also helps assure visitors that their contact with the website will be safe, and that the business has been authenticated to the highest standards of the industry. This SSL certificate allows you to share sensitive or private data online, providing a solid 128-bit to 256-bit encryption to secure connectivity with intranets and extranets.

VeriSign wants its sites to be clean, not just encrypted, so every day VeriSign technology performs an anti-malware scans that are absolutely free to ensure your site is protected. This is a software unique to the VeriSign brand which is free and automatic.

To purchase a low-end “domain validation” (DV) SSL, the cheapest certificates, companies are not tested for legitimacy at all. This essentially allows any firm to buy such a form of SSL certificate. Customers with cheaper, less reliable SSL certificates can be at risk. By comparison, VeriSign SSL and the VeriSign Trust Seal are trusted by 93 per cent of the Fortune 500. The Trust Seal of VeriSign SSL is viewed on over 90,000 websites in 160 countries.

VeriSign also guarantees that the website of a customer is highly perceptible on the Internet. A common plugin called the AVG Link Scanner (around 70 million end-users) generates Seal-in-Search which populates the VeriSign logo next to your search engine listing. This allows the website to stand out from others, raising traffic dramatically (18.5 per cent according to a study conducted by It not only brings more traffic, it also gives greater confidence in the traffic. Visitors should feel comfortable and assured when purchasing from a protected VeriSign SSL platform.

Consumer case study, according to VeriSign, reveals that a 10-34 per cent rise in sales occurs when the VeriSign symbol is seen on the site itself. VeriSign SSL products are used by 49 of the world’s top SSL-using banks and 81 per cent of the largest e-commerce sites in North America.

By protecting your sites for your creation and growth, VeriSign Secure Site Pro SSL will help your company boost its trust. All VeriSign goods now come with protection from blacklisting, as well as SEO promotion to 70 million end-users. The EV SSL certificates aid in stopping phishers in line. They can be accessed much easier and quicker in the case of non-EV form , allowing for fraudulent replication of your web.

VeriSign offers you the industry’s best security measures for server-client sharing, from machine to machine, and among other network-connected tools, such as server load balancers and SSL accelerators. VeriSign SSL will provide you with a full security guard for both web and intranet usages.

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