Ransomware Prevention Kit

Ransomware prevention kit

Ransomware Prevention Kit is back, due to popular demand. Two people took the trouble to track me down and reach out to me to get this kit. They say that if someone bothers to find out about a problem, there will be many other people who didn’t have the same problems and would like to obtain this kit. It was our flagship product and sold thousands of copies. I removed it from our product line. It has been removed from our product list. You can find it at https://www.thirdtier.net/shop

This kit was created to stop unwanted programs from running from user profiles and other locations. While ransomware variants continue to use this method, others don’t. Since 2018, I have not updated this kit and it will not continue to be updated. This doesn’t mean these techniques are no longer useful. They are just no longer enough.

Now, our focus is on device, identity, and modern file security. These functions will soon be offered by a new kit.