Ransomware Fix

How to fix Ransomware if you’re already a victim

Ransomware can attack smartphones and computers as well as other computer systems. Ransomware can also block access to files and photos. It may prevent you from accessing all your computer systems. It will not allow you to see the message advising that you must pay a large sum of money to restore your access.

It doesn’t mean that the ransom will guarantee access to your account. You might be asked for bank account information, which could cost you all your savings. It is better to be cautious before giving them your bank account details.

How to get rid of Ransomware

You are now in serious trouble. Your computer has been infected with ransomware. It is best to remain calm. Keep track of all information and look for any files marked as infected by your operating system. This malware could attempt to send your data to cybercriminals, so be sure to disconnect your computer.

If your computer is locked

Safe Mode is required when your computer cannot be switched on without the ransomware message. For different Windows Operating Systems, you can search for instructions for Safe Mode.

Start your computer again and press F8 while it is booting to gain access to your PC without Windows. To select Safe Mode with Command Prompt, use the arrow keys.

Type rstrui.exe using the text cursor and hit the Enter key. This will open a Windows System Restore screen which lists all saved files from Windows.

After choosing a restore date that is older than the time you were infected, restore your computer. You can get an anti-ransomware tool to help you resolve the problem right away.

If the computer is accessible

You can download an anti-malware removal tool on the Internet. This should assist you in getting rid of ransomware from your computer. To avoid contracting ransomware or malware, use anti-ransomware tools that are branded.

Is it possible to stop this by paying the ransomware?

No. Experts also say it’s not wise to pay anything as it will fund future cybercriminal projects. This is also a way for them to harass people and live a life of indecent harassment. It’s not guaranteed that they will stop harassing you. They may even return for more.

You can always reach out to cyber security experts if you are unsure of what to do next.

You Need Protection

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